Top 7 Best Foods to Cook in a Frying Pan

Top 7 Best Foods To Cook In A Frying Pan

The 21st century has seen a wave of transformation when it comes to eating. How so? — Most people now prefer to eat out rather than cook at home. When you ask them why the majority of them will say convenience and time.

But the true reason is that they’ve never taken the time to learn about the numerous advantages of home-cooked meals. Furthermore, they are unaware of the numerous simple recipes you can make at home using simple utensils such as a good frying pan. Fortunately, this article helps to give insight into simple pan-fried foods you can make at home.

7 Delicacies to Cook in a Frying Pan

1. Yummy Burgers

That’s correct! It is recommended to cook your burgers in a searing hot frying pan instead of on the grill. This is because a frying pan gives them that crust that everyone wants to taste. As your meat cooks on the pan, it gets a wonderfully flavorful, caramelized taste as it cooks to a crispy outer crust across the entire surface.

This is as opposed to using a grill where the crust forms on only the parts that are in contact with the grill lines. That way, you do not have to go looking for a restaurant that sells fresh burgers, since you can make them at home.

2. Small-size Steaks

The reason only small size steaks can be cooked on a frying pan is that they fit perfectly. This is as opposed to larger steaks that can only fit on a grill. However, this shouldn’t bother you too much because you can always cut the steak into smaller pieces. That way, it can fit perfectly on your frying pan. Pan-fried steak is more delicious because it comes out crispy and juicy at the same time.

3. Corn Bread

Yes, you read that right! Cornbread isn’t cornbread without that delicious crispy crust. And, you won’t get that caramelized crust unless you pour the batter into a hot frying pan, where it sizzles as soon as it touches the metal. Now you know the secret to delicious cornbread that tastes just as good as those addictive cookies you always buy.

4. Browned Fried Fish

Once more, when it comes to this recipe, it is all about the crust. High-quality frying pans help in keeping the heat nicely when properly preheated for about 4 to 5 minutes. That way, the temperature of the pan doesn’t drop as quickly as it does when using other types of pans.

As such, this high, consistent heat gives your fish the browned crust you seek. Now you know that you do not need to deep fry fish for it to brown and become crispy!

5. Delicious Scallops

Have you ever tried scallops that were not as tasty as you expected? You know, those drab, pallid scallops with a lacklustre crust? Simply cook your scallop in a very hot frying pan to avoid this from occurring to you.

Additionally, don’t mess with them. Instead, just leave them to form that crust for a few minutes. This is because if you try to move them too soon, you will break the seal and cause crust formation to be disrupted. However, if you wait until they naturally detach from the pan, you’ll be rewarded with nicely cooked scallops.

6. Pommes Anna

This is one of the most famous French recipes which involves cooking layered potatoes in melted butter. Admittedly, the recipe is somewhat particular. However, it’s so good that most people who know how to make the dish do it very regularly.

Normally, super-thin potato slices are piled on a frying pan and lightly pushed to compress them a little. The slices are then cooked until they’re beautifully crispy when turned out.

7. Eggs

One of the simplest foods to cook is eggs. This is because they take just a few minutes to cook, making them an excellent quick fix. Remember, the easiest approach to ensure that eggs end up on your plate instead of your scrub brush is to heat and oil your pan properly.

By doing this, you’ll always get crispy edges and runny yolks, if that’s how you like them.  But don’t worry, no matter how you prefer your eggs cooked, a frying pan will always do the trick.

Wind Up

There is no end to the list of delicious foods you can make using a frying pan. More importantly, most of these meals are simple to prepare. Hopefully, this article gives you enough insight to motivate you to cook at home more often!

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