Trouble in Paradise: 4 Signs You Need a Divorce


 We might joke about the divorce rate in America, but the reality is that the number of marriages that end in divorce has been on the decline. That doesn’t mean that divorce doesn’t happen, though. Long before you sign divorce papers, there are several signs you need a divorce.

If you’re worried that your marriage might not last, then it’s important to keep an eye out for those signs. Read on to learn about four of the strongest indicators that your marriage is on the rocks.

1. Your Communication Has Gone Downhill

Think of communication as the foundation of every good relationship. Without good communication, your relationship starts coming apart at the seams.

This doesn’t mean that you’re fighting all of the time. You might just be going through the motions of your daily life. When an issue comes up, your partner just lets it slide instead of sitting down and hashing it out.

If you’re struggling with communication, ask your partner if they’d be willing to go to counseling. If not, it might be time to consider filing for divorce.

2. Lack of Intimacy

No one expects sex to remain the same after you get married. While your sex life was probably pretty hot and heavy at the beginning of your relationship, it’s normal for it to cool off over time. What’s not normal is for it to disappear completely.

A lack of physical intimacy in a marriage creates a divide between the partners that could lead to serious unhappiness or even an affair. This is another area in which therapy can help improve your marriage. If you’re no longer interested in intimacy with your partner, however, then divorce could be on the horizon.

3. You Don’t Feel Happy Anymore

Everyone says that their wedding day is the happiest day of their life. You know you’re gaining a spouse who will help you get through life. No one expects you to feel happy for the entirety of your marriage, but if it’s been a long time since your marriage then it’s time to evaluate what your next step will be.

4. You Feel Bitter Toward Your Spouse

You might have noticed that your feelings toward your spouse have changed since you got married. Instead of feeling love, you feel bitterness toward them. You might even regret getting married in the first place.

If you’re feeling these emotions and can’t get past them, then divorce is imminent.

Do You Recognize Any of These Signs You Need a Divorce?

There are many signs you need a divorce, but if you notice any of these signs pop up, then it’s important to take immediate action. If you want to give your marriage another shot, consider couples therapy. If the marriage isn’t something you want to continue, however, then it’s time for you to talk to an attorney about getting a divorce.

Do you need more advice about managing your home and family life? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the rest of our blog for all the information you need to keep things happy and balanced!

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