Trucking Hazards Every Long Haul Driver Should Be On the Lookout For

Trucking Hazards Every Long Haul Driver Should Be On the Lookout For

Are you looking at a career in long-haul trucking?

It’s an appealing prospect. There’s an opportunity to travel, see the sites, and find a kind of freedom in your schedule that many workers crave. One of the major concerns of being a long haul driver is the safety of the job.

Read on to learn about the trucking hazards all drivers should be on the lookout for. 

Unexpected Weather Conditions

Unpredictable rain, snow, and icy roads can greatly reduce visibility. They can increase the chances of drivers losing control of their vehicles. In extreme weather, roadways can get closed due to too much snow or flooding.

This leaves drivers no choice but to delay their trips. Heavy rain also creates huge puddles that may cause truck drivers to lose control. This will especially be the case if they don’t reduce their speed.

Wildlife Invasions

Wild animals can come out of nowhere and pose a risk to the truck driver. A deer, elk, moose, and even a bear can cause serious accidents if a driver doesn’t have time to react.

Drivers should be especially cautious when driving at night or in fog. These are times when animals are more likely to roam onto the roads.

Driver Fatigue

Fatigue can be due to lack of sleep, physical exhaustion, and dehydration. It can have serious consequences on the road. Signs of fatigue include drooping eyelids, yawning, and difficulty concentrating.

If the driver feels any of these signs, they should find a safe place to pull over and rest. Overexertion can also lead to driver fatigue. Drivers should be mindful of their health and safety as well.

Blind Spots

Blind spots are a major trucking hazard. Blind spots exist in most large trucks, due to their size and design. A driver can get a better handle on the blind spots

by becoming familiar with the various designs of their truck.

Drivers should be mindful of blind spots when changing lanes, turning, or reversing. Drivers should remember to check all their mirrors, use their turn signals, and look over their shoulders. This will help them be sure that there is no vehicle in their blind spot.

Maintenance Malfunctions

Truck malfunction is one of the leading causes of truck accident injuries. Malfunctions can occur with components such as brakes, steering, and engine.

Keeping up with regular maintenance is essential to keeping the driver and others on the road safe. In the event of a maintenance malfunction, the driver should get it to a mechanic for inspection.

If an accident was a result of negligence, it is possible to pursue a case. It would be best to get advice from a semi accident lawyer to learn more.  

Avoiding Hazards as a Long Haul Driver

As a long haul driver, it is your responsibility to stay alert and aware to prevent any potential hazards on the roads. Obtaining defensive driver knowledge and remaining alert can help you to mitigate any risks on the road.

Drive safe, and always be sure to have that extra look before making any move on the roads. Start your journey with a plan and remember to never underestimate the road.

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