TTDeye Ocean Cyan Grey Colored Contact Lenses Review: Fashionable & Stylish

TTDeye Ocean Cyan Grey Colored Contact Lenses

TTDeye Ocean Cyan Grey Colored Contact Lenses Review: Fashionable & Stylish

Over the recent couple of years, wearing colored contacts have become a huge fad, particular because of many celebrities dressing them – such as Kylie & Kendall Jenner along with Selena Gomez. Since I’m a big fan of Kylie and absolutely love her branded cosmetics (even though they are a bit on the pricier side), it was almost a no-brainer for me to depict the same look as for them. Kylie Jenner generally sport a grey combined with blue-colored eyes – and with my already blue natural eyes, I only needed the grey color to complete my look.

One of the primary reasons why I wanted to try colored contacts in the first place was because of how the people around me perceive beauty. There’s no denying that people with blonde hair and blue eyes are much more desirable than others – while everything else can be branded as a common ground. I once tried colored lenses in the past, especially during the college days – but the overall look freaked me out a little bit.

From that time onward, I decided to stay away from colored contacts, until recently, when I began to appreciate them. This is because, during this time, the connotation was different because I regularly change my make-up every day, so why not change my eye color as well? As I’m an adult now, such change is more for experimentation and creativity rather than stemming from being insecure. Moreover, with so many beauty bloggers around me, it was easy for me to make such a bold choice.

Choosing the Brand

Since I already had a bit of idea about colored contacts and the respective brands in general, I had very little to perform research about the same. I shortlisted a few of some of the well-known brands, but none of them stuck to me as much as TTDeye. Particularly because TTDeye has a wide range of colored contacts that can suit anyone. From simple colours like blue & green to quite some unique colors such as grey, as well.

Therefore, it was an easy decision for me and from there-on, started my journey of finding the right lenses for my eyes. As I said, I already have naturally blue eyes, and I was in need of a grey colored lens that will help me depict the overall look of Kylie Jenner’s eyes.

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 Placed My First Order

That was when I found this gorgeous pair of lenses known as TTDEYE Ocean Cyan Grey Colored Contact Lenses. The color of these lenses was in perfect coordination with my eyes and thereby was the ideal buy for me. The total cost was coming to around $18.99 since these were on sale during that time.

I have perfect vision in both of my eyes, which is why I selected 0.00 Dioptre in each lens. My order was placed without any prescription, but you can place yours with a prescription if you want.

The shipping was free of charge, and TTDeye ships free worldwide – without any hassles. You can expect your package to reach you within ten to twenty days at maximum – which was the exact time frame I was looking forward to as well.

Pocketful Of Accessories

I always thought that accessories were harder to come by in the lenses industry. Still, when I received my package from TTDeye and opened it up – I was astonished to see all the added accessories coupled together with my lenses.

There was a lens cover along with some tweezers and some other useful items – making the overall buying and wearing experience so much better. Furthermore, the price that I paid for the same and the things I got in return was well beyond my expectations. Definitely exceeded my overall thoughts regarding the brand and the company, i.e. TTDeye.

And … Onto the Lenses

I’m not a professional reviewer by any means, but I will still make it up to you all with my explanations. First of all, the overall color of the lenses was a mixture of ocean cyan and grey – which was the perfect blend of color that I was looking for with my blue colored eyes. These lenses were incredibly soft to wear and had a high level of moisture to keep my eyes from getting dried up. I did buy a bottle of eye drops in case I needed it – but overall pretty good in the comfort department.

Moreover, these lenses do come with UV blocking technology. I was not sure of the same, so I checked TTDeye website, and there it was written in bold letters. At a time when the harmful UV rays of the sun are causing skin cancer, this is quite a welcoming addition. Apart from that, you can proceed to use these lenses for at least 12 months – if you can take care of them in the right manner. Once more, these lenses were FDA certified, so I was sure of their practicality.

When it comes to overall visibility, I was perfectly able to see my surroundings without any problems. I tested the lens both indoors as well as outdoors including under direct sunlight – and there were no such noticeable differences. Furthermore, since these lenses were tinted, they helped my eyes from getting exposed to sunlight glare – which is a perfect feature to have in my books.

Do I Recommend Them?

Coloured contacts for me was a bit of experimentation rather than a need, and I can safely say that the testing proved to be a huge success. I know I won’t be wearing these lenses every day, but at least I’ll have the option to change up my looks – just like what Kylie Jenner does. It’s like a dream come true for me, and I’ll definitely be trying out new colours from TTDeye.

So, do I recommend TTDeye after my fantastic experience? No doubt regarding that. I can heartily recommend them knowing that I have used these myself and thereby lead you beautiful girls to something that you’ll all love to wear. A huge thumbs up!

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