How Twitter Avoided a Financial Crisis: The Story of Twitter’s Brush with Bankruptcy

How Twitter Avoided A Financial Crisis: The Story Of Twitter'S Brush With Bankruptcy

Twitter Came Perilously Near to Financial Collapse; Here’s What Happened.

Twitter is one of the most widely used social networking sites, with millions of users actively posting updates every day. Yet, Twitter nearly went bankrupt in late 2022, which might have had disastrous results for the firm and its consumers. This piece will investigate the events that unfolded and reveal how Twitter avoided a financial meltdown.

Where Did That Go?

Revenue growth for Twitter slowed in the second quarter of 2022, marking the beginning of the company’s financial difficulties. Eighty-six percent of Twitter’s revenue in the second quarter of that year came from advertising. Yet, due to doubts about brand safety and the efficacy of Twitter’s adverts, sponsors were becoming increasingly unwilling to invest in the service.

TikTok, a social media network that is particularly popular among young people, was also rising in popularity at the same time as Twitter. Twitter’s efforts to increase advertising revenue were hampered by the presence of its competitors.

Twitter’s revenue growth slowed to a crawl by the third quarter of 2022, prompting the firm to lower its revenue projections. As a result, investors dumped Twitter stock out of fear that the company would soon go bankrupt.

So how did Twitter keep its finances from collapsing?

Twitter made a variety of measures to strengthen its finances and head off a crisis as a result of its financial difficulties. The company’s efforts to reduce costs were among its first. Twitter has delayed some of its expansion goals and cut back on recruiting and travel to decrease costs.

Twitter’s efforts to increase its revenue came from a variety of directions, including the introduction of new products and services. For instance, Twitter has released a new paid service called Twitter Blue, which grants subscribers access to additional tools including an undo button and a bookmark folder for stored tweets. Twitter has also grown through the acquisition of several smaller startups.

Maybe most crucially, Twitter exerted significant effort to mend fences with advertising partners. The business made efforts to appease brand safety worries from its advertising clients and boost the efficiency of its commercials. Brand Collabs, a new ad format introduced by Twitter, connects advertisers with content creators for the purpose of co-creating sponsored content.

By the end of 2022, Twitter’s financial prospects had greatly improved thanks to all of these efforts. The stock price of Twitter had increased, and investors and marketers alike began to see the company with renewed optimism.


In light of 2022’s near-bankruptcy, Twitter would be wise to diversify its revenue streams and keep its relationships with customers and partners in good standing. Twitter avoided a crisis and came out stronger than ever because to cost savings, new product launches, and a renewed emphasis on its partnerships with advertisers.


Why is Twitter having so much difficulties making ends meet?
Concerns regarding brand safety and the efficacy of Twitter’s advertisements hindered the company’s revenue growth. Competition from rival social media sites, such as TikTok, also grew.

How did Twitter manage to avoid bankruptcy?
Twitter reduced costs, introduced new offerings, and reestablished communication with its advertising partners.

Was there an increase in Twitter stock price?
By the end of 2022, the stock price of Twitter had indeed recovered.

Explain Twitter’s signature blue color.
Premium functions, such as an undo button and a bookmark folder for saved tweets, are available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Just what are “Brand Collabs”?
The new ad format known as “Brand Collabs” facilitates collaboration between brands and creators to produce sponsored content.

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