Types of Bathroom Sinks to Choose From

Types of Bathroom Sinks to Choose From

Bathroom fittings have been redesigned and reshaped significantly in the past many years. Bathroom sinks, too, have not been left behind. Various options are available in the market for you to choose from—a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors.

Bathroom sinks are essential and functional aspects of a bathroom. They add to the overall pleasant aesthetics of your bathroom design. Whether you’re looking for a compact one or a large one, there are hundreds of them available for you.

This quick guide will help you choose the different types of sink varieties you need to know about.

Types of Bathroom Sinks

The designs and styles of modern bathroom sinks have come a long way. The trending designs perfectly fit in and complement your modern bathroom, giving it a glamorous look. Here are some of the trendy designs and styles of bathroom sinks that you need to check out.

Table-Top Sink

Table-top bathroom sinks are extremely charming and simple types of bathroom sinks. They are elegantly designed and allow your bathroom to serve a classy look.

These sinks are wonderful for containing water splashes and can be very easily installed. The basin rests on top of the counter surface conveniently.

Wall-Mounted Sink

Just as the name perfectly describes it, wall-mounted sinks hang from the wall and are perfect for bathrooms where space conservation is a priority.

You can choose to expose or conceal the plumbing based on your choice. Since these sinks are compact and leave space below the sink, they help make the bathroom look spacious.

Drop-In or Top-Mount Sink

Top-mount sinks are inserted or dropped into the counter from the top. Just like table-top sinks, they’re also excellent for containing water splashes.

They are secured to the top surface of the counter by mounting clips. They’re visually very appealing and give your bathroom an aesthetic look.

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink is a floor-mounted sink that is supported by the pedestal. The extension of the sink material is covered with hardware.

Pedestal sink designs add a minimal touch to your bathroom, and you can place them against any wall that works best. It occupies less space inside your bathroom and makes it look spacious.

Corner Sink

If you’re short on space inside your bathroom and are looking for a compact option, then this type of sink is the perfect option for you. A wall-mounted basin is also mounted and can be used in any other space like dining or washing.

Common Basin Shapes

While shopping for bathroom sinks, it’s essential to consider the shapes that will best suit the interior and layout of your bathroom.

Here are some trendy shapes that you can choose from.


A round-shaped basin usually suits all designs of bathroom sinks. You can well utilise the depth that round-shaped basins provide you with. The water flows conveniently through the sinkhole in such types of sinks.


An oval-shaped bathroom sink gives a classy appearance and best complements the table-top design. You can also purchase them in different patterns or sink designs. They provide a wide area for efficient functioning.


A rectangular-shaped sink can be spotted inside many modern bathrooms, one of the most common basin shapes. They go along well with any design style.

Wrapping Up

Basins have undergone many design and style changes in the past years and have become a style statement of many modern bathrooms. Choosing the suitable basin according to your requirements and bathroom interiors can help glam up your space!

You can consult design professionals who can help you choose the perfect sink for your bathroom space.

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