We will help you optimally use your smartphone. From freeing up storage space and extending the battery life to updating, making backups and printing. We also help you find a smartphone new destination for your old phone. Nothing is more annoying than too little storage space if you want to take a photo. You can prevent this by freeing up storage space on your phone. Use the recommendations. You can see what is on your smartphone in both Android and iOS. You also receive personal recommendations to free up space. View what you use storage space for.

Extra tips

If that does not help, we will also give you tips on how you can save space with your apps, photos, videos and messages.

This is how it works:  free up space on your smartphone such as Android and iPhone. Smartphones distract in traffic. Yet they are often used for navigation, calling, playing music and useful apps. You can better control this type of apps through the dashboard of your car. Fortunately, there are more and more built-in systems for this, such as Android Auto, Apple Car Play and Mirror Link.

The use of a separate smartphone in the car distracts from driving and leads to dangerous situations. A holder with a telephone on the dashboard is permitted, but can lead to dangerous driving behavior. Also, operating systems and apps are not designed for use in the car. They often have small buttons and (too) many operating options. As a result, you are sometimes distracted from traffic for too long. Until now, almost every car manufacturer gave its own twist to the integration of smartphones in cars. Some systems were extensive and worked well. Other systems were limited, difficult to operate and / or supported few smartphone models.

Best Sellers are looking for more standardization. The first initiative was Mirror Link. Many car and telephone manufacturers contributed to this. Apple then introduced its own alternative: Car Play. And Google followed with Android Auto.

The traditional ‘infotainment systems’ are still available from most car manufacturers in addition to Car Play and Android Auto. They are often pricey, but sometimes offer a similar experience. We test ‘built-in navigation the navigation component of these systems, with some regularity. Android Auto is designed according to Google to “minimize distraction so that your attention stays on the road.” Depending on the car, you can operate Android Auto with the central touch screen, voice or buttons on the steering wheel / dashboard.

Android Auto has been around since 2015 and is now available on dozens of brands and types of cars in the world, usually at an additional cost. However, the corresponding official Android Auto app is still not available through the official Google Play Store. You could download the Android Auto app outside the official Play Store, but this is not without risk. Apps from such sites could contain viruses. Moreover, you must then disable the protection that protects you against malicious apps from outside the Play Store.

Android Auto is suitable for smart phones with Android version 5 or higher. You usually connect your smartphone via USB. Since 2018, a wireless version of Android Auto is also available. The car must be suitable for this and it only works with Google smart phones. Apps are suitable for Android Auto if the developer uses the standard Google template.

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