Use this Hopper Referral Code to get $25 or more off your vacation

Use this Hopper Referral Code to get $25 or more off your vacation

If you haven’t heard, Hopper has rocketed to the #1 downloaded app for travel on itunes.  They did this by being price focused. Hopper has an innovative pricing technology that computes the best times to travel and the best time to purchase travel. We have tested the Hopper app and it works very well.  When you go to book a hotel or flight, Hopper will give you a color-coded calendar that shows an approximate cost for each day of the month. Hopper will also let you know if today is a good day to book or if you should wait to book later.  When you find a great deal on travel, Hopper then allows you to freeze the price you’ve found.  If the price goes down, you will pay the lower price.  But if the price rises, you will pay the price that you’ve frozen at.

Hopper also runs flash deals on destination sites often giving up to 25% off of sought after hotels and airfare.  These deals vary almost daily so if you know where you want to go and log in every day, you will probably get an even lower price.

Last Fall, Hopper kicked off their referral program.  For anyone that hasn’t signed up yet you can use this code to get $25 off a hotel booking: (code spencew90k).  

For everyone that has singed up, Hopper has generated a unique code that can be shared with friends, family and on social media.  Currently, there is no limit to how many times the code can be shared and people are reporting that they are getting up to $5000 to use for travel.

Sharing the Hopper code will get you Carrot Cash.  Each Carrot Cash is worth $1.  Carrot Cash is Hopper’s travel reward system and it can be used for airfare, hotels, cars or even homes.  Hopper will even give you Carrot Cash just for logging into the app every day.  Be warned, Carrot Cash does expire if not used or gained in 6 months so you’ll need to log into the app daily to keep your Carrot Cash fresh.

Hopper has not stated how long they will continue the referral program. However, the website tracks the referral program. Although this page is not affiliated with Hopper, they keep up with the latest news about the referral program, Carrot Cash and news about Hopper. They post the most current and best deals.

This is a great program for people planning Summer vacations because as we all know, things are a lot more expensive this year that they were last year.  We also all know the value of taking vacations with friends and family.  Just by helping Hopper out by spreading the word about them, you could get a lot of your vacation paid for.  It’s a win-win.  Promotions like this tend to only last as long as needed to fulfill a specific goal of the company so we recommend that you download the Hopper app today.

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