Video games for the elderly: Do their benefits allow them to replace certain treatments?

Video games for the elderly

The benefits of several targeted video games are proven on the moral health and cognitive abilities of the elderly. This was demonstrated by a Californian experiment made on 100 seniors (over 55 years old). In this sense, the Health Magazine explains how video games can produce the same effect as a sedative and then lists those to be avoided by seniors.

Video games for the elderly: what are their health benefits?

Video games on console, tablet or PC are beneficial for people of advanced ages and bring serenity and calm. They also help slow down certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

This benefit of video games is due to several reasons:

Greater stimulation of the brain: playing allows neurons to function and above all sharpens memory. This helps to increase the brain capacity of the senior. A release of the pleasure hormone: playing encourages the production of endorphin, which reduces the sensation of pain. Improved reflexes and decision making: Video game enthusiasts (especially arcade ones) take 25% less time to make a crucial decision. More availability with his descendants: some games (multi-player) can be shared between seniors and young people; this creates a friendly atmosphere within the family and multi-generational contacts.

The combination of these 4 points gives a great feeling of pleasure and satisfaction to seniors who play video games. In addition, they allow them to sleep better without resorting to the consumption of drugs such as sleeping pills or psychotropic drugs. The result is a natural production of hormones to replace sedatives.

It’s good to know that player profiles have changed; the number of women consumers of video games has increased, especially with the arrival of WII and the democratization of “social gaming” (Candy crash, subway surfer, etc.).

What are the recommended video games for seniors?

The senior magazine of “” unveils a list of games recommended for seniors and adapted to their state of health:

Spider Solitaire

8 ball pool


PAC man

Puzzle games, etc.

Note that this list of games, played in moderation, is excellent for the physical and especially mental health of seniors.

Some video games are not recommended for seniors

Video games can have undesirable effects on the mental and physical health of the elderly. Some are recognized as harmful and here is the list of those to avoid: The games that wear out the eyes: they are very animated, with blurs and light effects to dazzle the player. Gambling: the amount of stress generated leads to over-medicalization of the senior to regain psychological stability. Strategy games: they require a lot of screen time (10 hours to build a building and months to create a city). Games with horror scenes: sensitive souls can be reached and reactions vary from one senior to another.

Network games: addiction is easy since the player communicates in real time with other people. The result is clear. It is to cut oneself off from the real world and to cause the impoverishment of emotional, relational and intellectual life.

The senior magazine of “” informs that moderating the use of video games is strongly recommended. Staying for hours in front of a screen without moving weakens the body and particularly harms the eyes. In this case, take your daily walk to keep fit.

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