Want to Try Snowboarding? Here are the Things to Prepare


There’s nothing better than going on a snowboarding adventure to spend your vacation. The cold snowy air, the awe-gasping heights of snow-covered mountains, what’s not to love? 

If you are planning to go snowboarding alone or with friends, it’s important to be well-prepared for the trip.

Luckily, stumbling upon this article today is no accident. Below, we are going to help you gear up for your first snowboarding adventure. So without further ado, let’s get right into it! 

Dress in Layers 

It’s all fun and games until you get sick. To protect yourself from these snowy mountains, then the importance of dressing in layers should always be a priority.

Start with a polypropylene material cloth for the base. This type of fabric helps wick moisture at bay to keep you warm without sweating too much.

You can also try clothes that are made out of wool, which is better for keeping bad odor away while keeping you fresh and warm. Avoid wearing cotton-based clothes because they don’t work best in this type of weather.

Cotton absorbs water and will make your skin feel sticky, sweaty, and smelly. You don’t want to go snowboarding while smelling stinky throughout the adventure, right? So avoid cotton clothes at all costs. 

Next, pick a jacket that should be enough to keep you warm and cozy. We highly suggest insulation jackets if the weather is too cold up there in the mountains. If it isn’t, then normal jackets without any kind of insulation will suffice.

Also, pick a jacket that helps you move freely while snowboarding. Some overly stuffed jackets will make you look stiff. Since snowboarding is an activity that involves movement and balance, then wearing a jacket that is comfortable enough for you to move freely is a must.

Don’t Forget Your Helmet

Want to Try Snowboarding? Here are the Things to Prepare 1

Keep in mind that although snow may look soft, we will never know if there are big rocks or any kinds of debris underneath it. One wrong move and you will surely end up in the hospital if you are not careful enough.

For extreme activities such as snowboarding, wearing a helmet will do wonders to keep your head safe. Accidents happen not only on the streets but also in high-octane activities like snowboarding too.

So to save yourself from the hassle of expensive hospital bills or even the cost of your life, wearing a helmet is key. Danger is just around the corner, and we will never know when it will strike unexpectedly that might put you between life and death.

First-Aid Kit Is Your Best Friend

Want to Try Snowboarding? Here are the Things to Prepare 2

Since we are already talking about accidents, having a first-aid kit should never be overlooked too. Instead of storing the kit on your main backpack, it’s better to place them inside a small pack that you can carry around while snowboarding.

So in case you stumble upon a tree branch and scratch your skin, you can immediately remedy it using a band-aid and alcohol before it gets worse. This is why it’s also important to be wary about your surroundings while doing the activity to avoid accidents.  

Here is the essentials stuff you should store in your first-aid kit according to the National Health Service

  • Gauze
  • Alcohol
  • Band-aid
  • Tweezers
  • Disposable gloves
  • Distilled water (used to clean wounds)
  • Plasters (different shapes and sizes)
  • Antiseptics
  • Safety pins

Also, since we are still in the middle of the pandemic, don’t forget to add face masks and a hand sanitizer in your first aid kit too. Don’t forget to follow safety protocols as well such as social distancing, and avoiding crowded areas just to name a few.

Protective Gear

Want to Try Snowboarding? Here are the Things to Prepare 3

Of course, wearing a helmet is never enough for this kind of adventure. That’s why you need snowboarding protective gear for the ultimate and safer experience. Below is a list of the basic protective gear for snowboarding that you should buy before heading out.


See clearly no matter how fast you are snowboarding downhill with the help of goggles. If you want top-notch quality goggles, always buy from a reputable snowboarding goggles company. You don’t want to come home with a blind eye because of a snowboarding accident, right? 

Wrist Guards

Say goodbye to hand strain with the help of wrist guards. This is part of the most basic items that every snowboarder should have. Not only do wrist guards help give you a good grip but also prevent gravel from scratching your wrist during accidents.

Impact Shorts

There’s nothing worse than getting your butt or genitals crushed because of a snowboarding accident. This is where impact shorts save the day. Impact shorts have special padding that goes around the groin and sides. Not only you will feel safer while wearing impact shorts but also more confident thanks to its variety of designs too. 

Snowboard Knee Pads

Snowboard knee pads are just what you need to protect your knee from bruises. What’s best is that snowboard knee pads are softer and have a more comfortable fit to let you move freely. Though keep in mind that they can’t protect your knees from severe injuries. So always be aware and cautious in your surroundings while snowboarding.

One Last Thing

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance since this will be your first time. Try to approach and communicate with other snowboarders if you need help. Better yet, hire a trainer that will help you with all the basics of snowboarding.

Though it may cost you extra, it’s still better than a pile of hospital bills in case you’ll be caught in a snowboarding accident. So do yourself a favor and hire a trainer instead of self-learning on your own to death.


Want to Try Snowboarding? Here are the Things to Prepare 4

Did you hear that? It’s the snowy mountains finally calling for adventure. We hope this article has been a big help in making you more then ready for your snowboarding escapade.

So what are you waiting for? Time to gear up and experience a new snowy and thrilling adventure like never before.

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