What are the Applications of Personality Tests in the Workplace?

What are the Applications of Personality Tests in the Workplace?

While it is important to test for cognitive ability in the workplace, the place of testing the personality of employees cannot be overemphasized. If you are looking to build an amazing workforce that can withstand pressure from any direction, then the personality test is a must. Even Fortune500 companies are not left out, they conduct psychological testing that checks out the personality of a potential employee.

In the past, personality tests may have been seen to be useful only in circumstances surrounding relationships. However, this is not the case anymore. Personality tests such as the California Personality Inventory (CPI), the Hogan’s Personality Assessment Tests, and the Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) assess a wide variety of personality characteristics.

While recruiters have a wide range of reasons for using personality tests (including general and specific reasons), here are the applications of the personality tests in the workplace:

To Test an Applicant’s Integrity

There are personality tests that make you see the level of honesty of a person. In the business world, it is not strange to have this type of personality tests conducted for applicants taking low-level entry roles. These may be roles where the holder would be required to handle a lot of money with little to no supervision. If this is going to be the case, then it is pertinent to know who the applicant is before taking the job. This could serve as an indicator as to how they would manage money while in the role.

Other non-productive qualities of applicants (surrounding their integrity) can also be tested using personality tests. A personality test that has to do with integrity can also be taken from time to time (as opposed to only during the selection process) while the individual is on the job. Financial losses can be prevented to a large extent if more people with integrity are employed within an organization.

To Avoid Cases of Negligent Hiring

Employees that cause harm of any kind in the workplace can leave their employers with law suits they have to handle alone. Employers are usually held liable and sued by certain actions of their employees. To cut down or totally avoid situations that come about as a result of negligent hiring, more employers and even their third party recruiters are now making use of personality tests in the workplace.

The last thing an employer wants to do is to hire someone who is unstable in any area, and could potentially get them into trouble. Using personality tests would let one know if an employee is fit for a particular workplace prior to their employment. In some cases where it is difficult to complete background checks on applicants, personality tests are also used as a perfect alternative.

For Simple Selection of Personnel

Certain jobs require certain personality traits. For this reason, it is common for employers to use personality tests when trying to check for candidates that are suitable for certain departments or certain roles. A typical example of this would be the police force. It is important to know if a particular candidate has any psychological trait that makes them unstable or if they have any form of mental instability. The MMPI is a personality test that can help them determine this.

A person who is applying for a receptionist role, or a job in the sales department of a company also has to be tested beyond their intelligence. There is a need to know if their personality would also be a great fit for the job. Personality tests come handy here.


There is good reason for an employer to use a personality test, as they are equally as important as cognitive tests. This article has proved this.

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