What Are the Applications of Tesseract OCR C#? An Overview

What Are the Applications of Tesseract OCR C#? An Overview

AI and Machine Learning are helping computers to do amazing things these days. With the help of modern technology, computer systems can “view” a computer screen, read structured or unstructured text, and even hit the right keystrokes to write a text or email.

But, all of that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for OCR. If you’re not familiar with what OCR is, that’s ok. We’re going to cover all there is to know about it in today’s article. Specifically, we’re talking about Tesseract OCR C#.

There’s a lot of information for us to cover. So, let’s get started!

Tesseract OCR C#

Tesseract OCR is an open-source OCR application that can be used in programming languages like C#. OCR stands for optical character recognition. It’s the way that computers see words.

Remember when scanners were popular? People still use them today but they’re becoming more obsolete.

Well, the first scanners only could scan documents into a digital format. This in itself was an amazing accomplishment at the time. After a while, though, scanners could do more than scan documents.

Once the documents were scanned, the text became searchable through a feature known as OCR.

So, how do you get Tesseract OCR C#? Well, to do that you, or your development team lead, need to have an Apache 2.0 license. But, if your development project relies heavily on OCR, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Pros of Tesseract

Tesseract is different from OCR platforms of the past. One of its advantages is that it can work across a variety of programming languages. With all of the different apps, devices, and platforms we use daily, lines of code need to be flexible too.

Using a platform like Tesseract allows developers to focus on coding the best project they can. No one has to worry about what platforms the project will work on and which platforms it won’t.

Another pro of the Tesseract platform is that it doesn’t need layout structure. This is a major element of the intelligence of machines we mentioned earlier.

Nowadays, computers can “read” text whether it’s in a proper structure or not. This is because platforms like Tesseract, and other OCR engines, don’t need to rely on layout analysis.

Tesseract Installation

Installing Tesseract couldn’t be simpler. In a Windows machine, programmers can install Tesseract by going to the terminal or CMD prompt.

Once you’re in the CMD prompt, you need to type in a simple command to install C# tesseract.

  • $ tesseract –version

(Please note that the dot in front is a bullet point. It’s not part of the code string).

Tesseract Is the Truth

Tesseract OCR C# is allowing development teams to accomplish projects they never have before. It’s a major part of the wave of smart computers. We’re already seeing computers around the globe taking over tasks that used to be done by humans.

This is only the beginning. Just a few short years ago, OCR was finally letting us read our scanned documents. Now it’s starting to “think” for itself.

Where do you think we’re headed next? Let us know in the comments. Also, feel free to tell us what you want to hear about next.

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