What are the Benefits of Certified Mail?

Benefits of Certified Mail

Even in a world of technology, sometimes you just need to send something by mail. Whether it’s a legal notice, an original document, or a check. Important documents like these rely on the U.S. postal service and their certified mail.

In fact, sending documents by mail is still so popular, that the U.S. postal service processes over 20 million pieces of mail every hour.

Luckily, there’s a way to ensure that your mail does not get lost in this sea of letters. In this article, you’ll learn exactly what certified mail is and what the benefits are for you and your business.

How Does Certified Mail Work?

Certified mail is a service provided by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). It’s different from normal mail because it comes with certified mail tracking. It provides the sender with a mailing receipt and an electronic verification of the delivery. You can find this service on post office hours.

You get notifications during the sending process and once the receiver has the package. On the receiving end, the receiver needs to provide a signature. Moreover, if the receiver refuses the item or the address is incorrect, then USPS returns your letter with a history of delivery activity.

What Are the Benefits?

Certified mail has a ton of benefits for businesses. You can handle sensitive financial statements or even redeem coupons with efficiency, accuracy, and safety. It makes USPS certified mail tracking one of the easiest and most convenient methods for sending business letters.

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with Certified Mail Labels. Let’s dive into the top benefits below!

1. Location Tracking

You can track your mail using certified mail labels. This means that you and the receiver know exactly when an important document will arrive. It will provide some peace of mind. Plus, certified mail automatically comes with tracking, you don’t pay extra costs.

2. Proof of Mailing

You get a record of the fact that you sent out the mail. This is useful in some business cases. With regular mail, there is no way of verifying that you sent the letter in the first place.

3. Proof of Delivery

The receiver needs to provide a signature to complete the delivery. This means there is proof of delivery. Usually, if someone tells you a letter is lost, then you have to trust their word. Now, you can be certain.

4. Protection Against Theft

When your mail has a certified label, everyone handling it knows that its location is being tracked. This extra layer of accountability makes it less likely that someone will steal your letter.

5. Saving Costs

The services that come with certified mail are not only found with USPS. There are other services and even private couriers who deliver mail with the same accountability. However, USPS certified mail remains the most cost-effective solution of them all.

Make Your Life Easier With Certified Mail

You can see that using certified mail will provide a myriad of benefits for you and your business. It keeps costs low and the headaches at a minimum.

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