What Are The Top Most-Viewed Sports in the World

What Are The Top Most-Viewed Sports In The World

When we think of sports, we often think about players and their skills. We see athletes who train hard to hone their abilities and achieve greatness. Their lives could be somewhat difficult, but they do what they love for a living.

There’s more to sports than what you see on TV. Behind each athlete are thousands of hours of hard work, dedication, passion, and skill. If you go beyond the cameras and million-dollar contracts, you will find that some sports have more viewers than others.

In today’s article, we will walk you through the top 5 most-watched sports.

1. Soccer (Football)

According to estimates, 265 million people play soccer (football) in the world, which makes it an extremely popular sport. The soccer rules are pretty much the same throughout the globe, but each country has its style and flair when playing.

Soccer consists of two main parts: 1 attacking; 2 defending. During the attack, you have to get past defenders by dribbling or passing your way around them and get yourself into a position to shoot or pass. It’s much more complex than it seems!

In the second part of a soccer match, one team defends against another team’s attack, and there are only four players on a side allowed in their half at any time. The objective here is to win back possession or prevent your opponent from scoring a goal. There are some strict rules regarding physical contact and the use of hands because, as it is, soccer can be too violent.

2. Cricket

Cricket is one of the most watched sports in Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and England. English and Australian colonists played this sport in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, there are over a billion cricket fans around the world.

Moreover, it’s one of the most viewed sports because it is played professionally in many countries and involves incredible athletic skill and athleticism. It is considered a gentleman’s game in most parts of the world, but it is also played with intense competitiveness.

3. Field Hockey

Field hockey was developed in the mid-18th century in England and is one of only thirteen sports featured at every modern summer Olympics. The Irish influenced the game, who brought it to Europe, but it wasn’t until 1922 that men’s field hockey became an Olympic sport

. Women’s field hockey has been an Olympic sport since 1980.

Field hockey is played between two teams of whom eleven are allowed on the pitch at any one time; there are no rolling substitutions like in soccer, so it’s quite intense. There are only five positions: 1 goalkeeper, two defenders; 3 midfielders; 4 strikers. The goalkeeper plays in front of the goal to block the opposition’s shots.

However, the defenders are good at tackling and stopping opposition players from speeding past them towards their goalie. Midfielders link the defense to the offense, supporting both units. And strikers is where all the goals come from!

4. Basketball

Basketball started in 1891 as a less strenuous version of the already popular game of American Football. The first game was played indoors between two local clubs; YMCA Training School and the Boston (Primary) School. Ten years later, basketball had grown rapidly throughout New England schools and sports centers.

The game is easy to learn but difficult to master due to the complex rules involving dribbling, passing, shooting, as well as strategies and tactics. The game’s objective has been the same from the beginning: two teams of five players each compete to score points by throwing a ball through an elevated horizontal hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet off the ground.

5. Table Tennis

Table tennis was originally played with lethargic, handmade equipment and involved a lot of luck and chance. It didn’t become popular until the 1900s, when British soldiers created more lethal paddles in India. By 1948, ping pong had been introduced as an Olympic sport.

Today, table tennis is one of the most popular sports to watch because it requires fast, accurate hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.


Among the plethora of entertainment options, some have gained notable popularity worldwide. Nonetheless, this article listed information about five of those most-watched sports in today’s society. If you’re looking for a complete list of the most viewed sporting events around the globe, check out this list by David Nugent from legitgambling.com. The world is a big place with different things to do and see.

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