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The Viking Bracelet by definition

The Viking Bracelet by definition

In the days of the Vikings, men, women and children wore jewelry. At the time, rings, necklaces, pins or even bracelets symbolized the wealth and status of each person vis-à-vis his clan. Jewelry was thus an integral part of the life of the Vikings. Each of these accessories has been created in different unique styles dedicated to each individual. And apart from their ornamental aspect, these jewels also have deep meanings.

Bracelets are one of the jewels that Vikings could not do without for millennia. They are put around the wrist or forearm depending on their size. Originally, they were braided with leather and adorned with animal heads, a sign of strength and bravery. Some were even made in silver or gold.

Whether or not they can be closed on the wrist, in gold or silver, these accessories have survived the centuries and are now one of the flagship pieces of our wardrobes. Their designs have been diversified, making it possible to find models adapted to all styles, while sharing the noble Viking values. Viking bracelets are one of the essential fashion accessories today. They have even been classified as the quintessential male jewel. Due to their unusual design that oscillates between exuberance and class, it’s hard to resist. Originally, these bracelets were synonymous with power, wealth and strength. Adorned with braided bands with animal heads and geometric patterns, they were used as protective amulets. These accessories were also made from various materials like glass, amber, wood, bronze, silver and gold.

How to wear Viking bracelets?

This Nordic-designed bracelet is adorned with a striking design to affirm the wild and virile side of the wearer. However, it can only be worn on one wrist. Otherwise, it risks unbalancing the silhouette. The ideal is to wear it with a men’s t-shirt with a drawstring or a blouse shirt. You can also break the Scandinavian side by highlighting your bracelet with a tank top decorated with patterns. On the other hand, for a braided leather model, designed with respect for the great Viking traditions, discretion will be required. You can match it with 2 or 3 other accessories which must be just as discreet. You can wear your bracelet with a watch, but you still have to play with the contrasts with the colors. Anyway,

A short-sleeved shirt will be a wise choice that will allow the well thought-out finishes of the thong to appear. Wearing your bracelet with an outfit consisting of pants or shorts, depending on your preferences, is still possible. And to accentuate your virility a little more, you might as well add to your look, a Nordic necklace with a pendant in the shape of animals, axes or hammers.

Although the Viking bracelet is mainly a male fashion accessory, women can also adorn themselves with this jewel. At this time, the cords of the bracelet that come to dress the totems of the animals making up the bracelet should be highlighted on a little dress with a Scandinavian trend. For a more working girl look, the ideal would be to wear it with a blouse with light place finishes and slim jeans. To enhance your bohemian or hippie look, wearing your bracelet on your arm will be possible.

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Viking bracelets and their multiple meanings

For the Viking people, the bracelet Viking has always had symbolic value. In a Viking clan, when a man reached an important milestone in his life, the elders gave him a bracelet. More than just an accessory or a piece of jewelry, this bracelet was a sign that the person in question was becoming a true warrior. For this reason, giving this Celtic bracelet to a friend as a gift can be a good idea. Each bracelet, depending on the ornament it presents, has a different meaning.

A runic model, for example, is considered to be a kind of good luck charm. It can bring joy, wealth, love and strength. You also have the Vegvisir bracelet, a symbol of the true legacy of the Viking Age. This model is made of genuine leather and is also known as the Viking compass. At the time, it was supposed to guide the Vikings on their journeys at sea. The ax bracelet symbolizes strength. The ax being the favorite weapon of the Vikings, this bracelet will know how to enhance your power, your bravery and your daring. If you are giving this bracelet as a gift, it means that you are showing respect to the person to whom you are giving it.

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