What good Pilates can do for you?

What good Pilates can do for you?

Today, you need not lift weights to achieve a toned and shapely body because Pilates is the new exercise regimen that can help accomplish more with less. In this respect, Pilates is similar to the minimalist approach in design that focuses on doing more with less. Just as the concept of minimalist design does away with cluttering, the exercises of Pilates focus on controlled and repetitive movements known as low impact workouts for effectively lengthening, strengthening, and toning your muscles. Pilates do away with spending hours at the gym and training with weights that can be risky because of the chances of injury. Pilates is a safe and comfortable way of exercising to achieve fitness goals while maintaining a shapely and strong body that looks attractive. Pilates is a healthy way to exercise for people of all ages. To learn more, get in touch with Pilates Sydney Movement 101.

Safe transformation of your body

Pilates are exercises that aim at the safe transformation of your body by focusing on the various functional aspects of the body for sustenance and maintaining proper fitness. Pilates is a movement-based exercise that enhances the core strength of your body without exerting too much. Pilates comprise movements with interesting names like the Elephant, the Swan, Criss Cross, and the 100. The series of movements are closely related to one another, which means that you must do the exercises in some specific order and not randomly. The simple-looking movements require a lot of control and precision, and the focus is on techniques. The exercises do not appear like the traditional exercises we all know about, like crunches, squats, etc. 

Pilates is not Yoga

Pilates and Yoga have a lot of similarities at a glance because both are low-intensity exercises based on finely tuned movements that make good use of the stretching and breathing techniques, concentration, and aspects like centering and flow that ensure proper body balance.  While Yoga exercises aim at overall health improvement and can cure some diseases and medical conditions, Yoga helps to soothe the mind and control stress through various breathing techniques and even lay the foundation for meditation by taking care of mindfulness.

On the other hand, Pilates mainly focuses on stabilizing the back and core muscles by performing small movements.  The Pilates movements ensure better posture and improve core strength. 

Pilates for rehabilitation and recovery

The movements of Pilates are simple and easy to perform and have a sound scientific basis that puts to best use a combination of biomechanical aspects of body movement to provide the best results while minimizing the chances of any risk of injury to the body. From children to the elderly, everyone can do Pilates and benefit from it to maintain body fitness and flexibility

Pilates has therapeutic value and is used during the rehabilitation and recovery from some injury to the back, knee, spine, and hip. Pilates effectively manage pain as it relieves pain and helps elders to maintain good posture and balance.  Even teenage athletes and women who need prenatal or post-natal care to tone their bodies and get back in shape can benefit from Pilates that are interesting and fun. 

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