Paying the children’s school fees, buying a new car or giving yourself a nice trip, all of which require a certain budget. In such situations, the personal loan without a credit check is the simplest and least formal financing solution.


When we say of the online loans with no credit check that it is a loan without proof, this means above all that the lender does not ask you to justify the use you make of the loan. This is because it is an unallocated loan. In other words, the borrower is not required to spend the money received on a specific expense. He can use it as he likes. If you want apply for a loan without a credit check, the lender will only pay attention to the regularity of your repayments. On the other hand, it will not seek to verify the use that you make of the money received.


A personal loan without a credit check will certainly not be granted without the bank or the lending institution surrounding themselves with some precautions. However, they only relate to your current situation. On the other hand, the lender does not inquire about your financial history. Therefore, he does not check your credit report to see what the state of your credit rating is. Indeed, this file includes a lot of information on your possible debt, on the loans already obtained and on the way in which you have repaid them. The lender will also look for traces of financial difficulties that you might have been facing, such as a debt collection procedure for example. The granting of the loan without a credit investigation is not accompanied by any investigation of this type. It is therefore granted to you more easily and does not harm your credit score.


One of the essential advantages of a personal loan without a credit check is that it can be obtained quickly and without special formalities. In fact, the loan application is most often done online. This is a free service. Usually, the borrower gets a very quick response. After a few checks, the decision to grant the loan can be taken very quickly. In addition, within days, the money can be transferred to your bank account. This speed makes this loan very valuable for people with pressing cash needs. What also makes it interesting is that it is addressed, with few exceptions, to everyone.

Thus, you have access to it whatever your personal situation. Even people subject to a banking ban can claim it. And this loan without a credit check concerns both individuals and legal entities. Indeed, companies in particular see it as a convenient way to finance certain urgent projects. There are many forms of loans. We of course know the mortgage, which allows you to acquire real estate. But there are also consumer loans. Although the principle is the same: to solicit a lender to obtain money, they are not governed in the same way at the legislative level.

When we want to make a consumer credit, we can find mainly two types of loans. An affected loan; that one uses for work or to buy a new car; is subject to supporting documents. This means, as part of the work, that you will have to produce at least quotes on the materials, if you do the work yourself. If you go through a craftsman, you will also have to produce quotes relating to his intervention. Likewise, an auto loan does not allow you to otherwise enjoy the loaned money. You will need to present a purchase order issued by the dealer. If you do not want to justify the use of the money that you plan to request, then you can go through the personal loan.

What does the personal loan consist of?

The personal loan is exactly like the affected credit, except that you do not have to provide any proof. Concretely, you can do whatever you want with this amount, including having work done. Be careful, however, this loan offers less guarantees. In the event that an artisan does not do the requested work, you will still be required to repay the loan for work that has not been done.

Also called loan without proof, it is also called, and we understand why: loan without credit check. Nevertheless, if we do not have to justify anything, it is nevertheless imperative to meet certain conditions, in order to be able to claim them.

How do I know if I can get a loan without a credit check?

Any credit contracted must be repaid. He hires you. You must have heard this type of phrase before. Obviously, when a financial entity lends you money, it wants to have repayment guarantees. To find out if you can apply for a loan without a credit check, you can definitely use an online simulator. You will be asked to indicate your income, but also your expenses and your family composition. These indications make it possible to calculate the remainder to live and the debt ratio of your household. This, to meet the credit legislation, must not exceed 33%. If the answer is positive, you establish a loan application file without a credit check. The requested amount, the repayment period and the credit rate will be indicated therein. If everything is in order, you quickly receive the money you need.


Certainly, the lender does not check your financial history or the use you make of the money received before granting you this loan without a credit check. This does not prevent it from monitoring your current financial situation, in order to measure your solvency. This is why you will need to provide account statements and pay slips, often the last three. These documents will allow you to assess your income and measure your ability to repay your loans. Account statements are also necessary for the establishment of bank transfers of which you will be the possible beneficiary.

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