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A pedicure is a beauty condition of the toenails and foot, similar to a manicure. Pedicures are performed for medical, aesthetic reasons. They are famous worldwide, and particularly among women.


Pedicures are a necessary part of the body care routine, particularly because while wearing open shoes they want to show off their pretty feet and that’s something that happens all year round.

“The feet are being badly abused every day and the pedicure is the way to give them relief. Pedicure is important because you do something about your feet and they are getting treated very badly. In addition to painting the nails, the feet need a moment of rest, medications, massage and removal of annoying calf muscles done in a professional pedicureā€.

A professional pedicure has the function of thoroughly cleaning and hydrating the feet. For the first, the nails are trimmed; the cuticles and excess skin extracted using tools that may do more harm to the feet in novice hands than benefits. To highlight that while you can do an easy and inexpensive pedicure at home, it’s crucial for people to know how risky it can be to try to mimic what a professional does at home.

“Incorrect cutting of the cuticule will damage the tooth. There are calluses that can they be handled by a podiatrist if they are hard. We professionals know all these things but a person who does it at home alone can try to remove that callus and create a bigger problemā€.


One of the pedicure’s most attractive steps is in applying color.

The trend is currently pointing towards shades of light such as blue, green, yellow and orange,

But the shades of red, fuchsia, and wine, in addition to the nude ones, always remain strong.

This practice of matching the color of the feet and hands is called traditional, since many people prefer various colors to dress. There are even the ones who decide to paint a different color for each nail.


Whether and how much you wet your feet, is the secret to make pedicure results last longer try doctor fish pedicure.

The specialist recommends adding serum before bed and extracting it in the morning, cleaning the feet properly, every night.

“There are very soft feet which can make use of light creams. When the surface becomes softer because there are more calluses, the petroleum jelly is really useful as it tends to keep them more moisturizedā€.


Do you realize the pedicures come in various types? Within this essay we teach you what they are, and how they are described by each of them.

More and more people go for a pedicure at a salon or beauty shop, and that is mainly attributed to the advantages that this form of care provides to our feet’s wellbeing. Though pedicure is specialized in foot care in general, however, we can choose different types of pedicure.


The daily pedicure usually enables the removal of dead skin and other skin disorders such as corns and calluses. They may also avoid other illnesses that damage the skin, such as ingrown skin, due to the daily pedicure. Normal pedicure care includes washing your feet in a hot water and salt tub and then rubbing your feet with a pumice stone to extract dead skin from the foot layer. Therefore, daily pedicure includes brushing and shaving the toenails, and adding enamel according to the tastes of the customer. And finally a moisturizer is applied, which massages the calf and the foot.


The spa pedicure is identical to normal pedicure except with a few measures and additional acts, rendering the procedure lengthier and more expensive. Usually, salon pedicure therapies use paraffin wax, mud paste, or salt spray. The spa pedicure usually consists of dipping the feet in the paraffin wax, enabling the wax to cool down, and then removing the substance. In the case of clay mask this cycle is equally replicated. The aim in both cases is to remove dead skin cells. The purpose of salt washing is to exfoliate the feet, extract dead skin and then eventually moisturize the feet and massage them.


The pedicure in stone helps you to rest and strengthen the muscles; it is often used to heal the feet or calves for aches and pains. Hot stones are rubbed under the foot in this type of pedicure, to relax the muscles. The session is normally concluded with essential oil massages.

The pampering you offer at home is necessary to maintain its beauty and health.

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