What is the Most Powerful Card in the Tarot Deck?


Tarot reading querents often inquire which of the 78 cards in a tarot deck is the most powerful. The short answer is that the significance of cards is contextual and often personal. While it is ideal to enter into tarot card psychic readings or a psychic reading online that uses tarot cards with as few preconceptions as possible, there are a few considerations that could increase the significance of certain cards in a tarot deck or cards in particular positions of a spread.

The Fool and the Magician

The Fool is a card in the Major Arcana assigned the value of zero, while the Magician is assigned a value of one. As the Roman numeral system did not include the number zero until around the years 400 to 600 A.D., when this null value made advanced mathematics possible, the Fool is considered a card of the possibility that starts in nothingness and reaches toward infinity.

The Magician, which is also known as the Magus or the Juggler, is often considered the first card in the Major Arcana. This card has a powerful meaning with regard to the capabilities of the querent and can make it possible to identify and tap into the potential to effect transformative change.

Major vs Minor Arcana

The modern tarot deck includes 22 cards in the Major Arcana. These face cards include some of the most symbolic narratives and visual representations of the deck. The Major Arcana are the most readily recognizable cards that lend themselves to narrative interpretation.

The Minor Arcana are the suit cards of a deck and have suits that correspond to cups, pentacles, swords and wands. Although these cards are sometimes called the Lesser Arcana, they can be just as insightful as Major Arcana cards. California Psychics reviews

may suggest the weight that particular readers place on the Minor and Major Arcana.

Reading Significators and Outcomes

Another approach to the importance of cards is specific to readings. Many spreads have a place for a significator that is either selected by the querent, reader or the cards in cold reading. Regardless of how the significator is chosen, this card represents the querent or question that guides reading and takes on importance in the context of a particular reading.

The Celtic Cross and other spreads may also have a designated position for an outcome card. This card does not necessarily predict the future, but it can indicate a major force that guides a situation or a factor that is at stake. The importance of this card is also contextual, but it can have significant value and meaning in a reading.

It is all but impossible to definitively designate certain tarot cards as being more powerful than other cards. While the numerological and symbolic significance of Major Arcana cards may be worthy of note, that does not mean these cards are more powerful in every spread or reading. Querents who are new to the tarot should rely on the interpretive abilities of a skilled psychic reader to determine the most powerful aspects of readings.

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