What is Upfinance?

Upfinance - Find Suitable Loans With The Best Conditions

UpFinance – Find Suitable Loans with the Best Conditions

An online fast loan is a practical and quick solution for those who are in urgent need of money. Right now, it is effortless for you to take out quick cash. You can apply for a quick loan online at reputable agencies that can be found using UpFinance. This website lists all kinds of financial institutions based on your specific needs.

In life, everyone must have encountered a situation of lack of money or need money quickly to solve personal and family needs. Typically, loans are used for:

· Students and new workers: Paying tuition at school, money to attend courses to improve skills, paying for accommodation, money for travel, money for the family…

. Laborers and housewives: Money to cover living expenses, paying for children’s schooling, paying debts, shopping, paying hospital fees…

. Business people: Money for business capital, paying debts…

As you can see, the demand for quick loans is massive and extremely diverse. To solve these needs, customers often turn to relatives and friends or look to reputable lending channels such as banks, pawnshops, financial companies, etc.

Currently, online quick loans are flourishing in the Philippines, with countless lending units helping customers get money quickly without spending too much time. However, it is not easy to find a service with the right terms and conditions that suit your specific circumstance. That’s where UpFinance comes in. So, let’s find out what UpFinance can do!

How to use UpFinance’s calculator to find the right loans for you

The first thing you can see on the UpFinance website is definitely their calculators. It has two sliders, Amount and Term, that you can adjust to find the right services for you. Here are the steps to use the UpFinance calculator:

1. Choose the amount of money you want to take out as a loan. This will help UpFinance find services with suitable the right minimum and maximum loan amounts for you.

2. Choose the loan term that you can afford repayment. This will allow UpFinance to find services that offer a long-enough term for the loan so that you can repay in time.

3. Press the “Find Offers” button and browse through a list of financial institutions that suit your criteria.

Using the calculator on UpFinance, you can gain access to loan packages that are filtered out specifically to how much you can afford to borrow. You will never have to worry about borrowing too much money this way.

How to find financial advice on UpFinance

When navigating for loans on UpFinance, you will come across many financial services with different terms and conditions. The best way to choose between them is understanding why you want to take out a loan in the first place. Most importantly, are you in an emergency or not?

If you need cash right away because emergencies and other unexpected expenses, you can find short-term loans on UpFinance, which offers the following terms:

·       A very short payment period of 1-3 months;

·       High interest rates of 2.5% – 70% per month;

·       You do not need to present any collateral;

·       You must make advance payments; and

·       Credit withholding is required.

Do note that short-term loans have quite large payments, meaning you are at risk of spiraling into debts. Therefore, if you are not borrowing money out of an emergency, it is advisable that you apply for a personal loan instead. This type of loan offers the following terms:

·       A credit term ranging from 3 months to 1 year, extendable up to 3 years;

·       Interest rates from 1.2% to 2.5% per month;

·       Proof of income is required;

·       You only have to pay a one-time processing fee;

·       You need to present you Filipino citizen ID, or comparable documents, and

·       Credit withholding is required.

To find out more information, you can always check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on UpFinance, where popular questions are compiled with answers for each and every one of them.

UpFinance partners up with institutions to provide you with the best deals
To help citizens in the Philippines get easy access to loans, UpFinance has partnered up with a wide variety of large financial institutions to offer users reduced rates, generous loan terms, and better deals. To name a few, UpFinance has worked with big names in the Philippines such as:

·       Popular companies, such as DigiDo, Robocash, Online Loans Pilipinas, Kviku, Money Cat…

·       Banks, such as: Home Credit, AUB, Marayo Bank, BDO Unibank…

·       Insurance companies, such as: Sun Life, Manulife, AXA Philippines…

·       Online Payday Loan Companies, such as: AEON Credit Ph, Uploan, Cashmart, and more.

Which such a selection of partners, UpFinance users will never run out of options when looking for the best deals on this site.

More information about UpFinance

UpFinance is an information service that lists all credit and financial institutions in the Philippines on an intuitive and user-friendly website. UpFinance’s ultimate goal is to provide the best financial options for Filipinos, no matter what their specific circumstances are. The website is constantly updated by a dedicated team with more than 5 years of experience in the Philippines financial industry, ensuring relevance and convenience for users.

The Upfinance service is an information site that collects information about all credit and financial institutions in the Philippines. The main goal is to help Filipinos find the best option for the financial product they are looking for.

The financial market of the Philippines is still on the rise. New financial institutions and services emerge every year. With so many proposals being put out there, Filipinos need an all-in-one solution that is convenient and easy-to-use so that they can skip worrying about all the procedures and get right onto getting the money they need. UpFinance presents an incredible selection of debt structuring, investment and best loan offers that are easily accessible through using a simple Calculator tool.

For all your financial needs, look no further than UpFinance, the most convenient service in the Philippines to look for loans with the best terms and conditions.

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