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Vortex-Genie 2 is a vortex mixer, or vortexes, is a basic tool widely used in laboratories to blend tiny liquid vials. It forms of an internal combustion engine with a vertically aligned axle and connected to a marginally off-center installed piece of gloved rubber. When the engine works the piece of rubber easily circulates in a circular motion. As a test tube or other fitting jar is pushed (or rubbed to its edge) into the rubber cup, the pressure is transferred to the liquid within and a vortex is produced.


Easy and efficient vortex mixer configuration, limited capacity, low power usage and low noise. Biochemistry, genetic manipulation, neuroscience, and other scientific uses are commonly utilized. It is necessary to blend dust, dust, solid (rock) with any chosen material, the rock is blended in a high speed rotating process, and the mixing speed is quick, consistent and detailed.


The dual-functional vortex mixer Vortex-Genie2 (also known as “vortex oscillator”) developed by the United States Science Industries has been frequently used as an instrument of an internationally accepted laboratories due to its virtues of strong operation, robustness and consistent output use. Of different test tube / vessel oscillations several modules can be obtained. It is used for automated mixing with vortex mixing and shaking mixing functions in numerous test tubes, beakers, micro-plates, and other bottles. It’s suitable to different research criteria. The design, change the repeatability of the different speed tests, is nice.


The mixer valve assembly adopts improved plastic molding techniques; the structure is not rubbed, anti-collision immune to acid and alkali. The workbench is mounted on the wear-resistant foam board. To provide a quick running forum for your project, the instrument combines constant, point vibration, rpm, flat, bowl and some other functions.

Method of vibration and vortex mixing: dynamic speed modulation will blend from low vibration to high velocity vortex. Additionally, every adapter is built to match various mixing methods, and the correct mixing device may be chosen if needed.

  • Versatility: Devices of varying types, sizes and fabrics have a broad variety of uses, appropriate for various test tubes and containers, and can be used in mechanical and manual mixing processes.
  • Mixed automatic and point vibration mode: The automated or mixed point vibration mode can be chosen by the three-point option. Automatic process of mixing may increase productivity at work.

POINT VIBRATION MIXING: Set the left switch to “Contact” condition, the system should work in mixing point vibration mode. Push the test tube gently to the gasket, the host will reach the working state according to the set operating pace, release the test tube and the host will stop functioning.

AUTOMATIC MIXING: Set the left switch to the “ON” mode, the host of the mixer should still operate at the speed level.

  • Stability: An integrated metal framework with adequate weight offers a robust working base for specific blends.
  • Unrivaled reliability: efficiency that has been tested for several years in multinational laboratories.


Order number: SI-0246 (model G560E)

 Power input: 230V, 50Hz, 0.5A

Speed: (rpm): 600-3200 (model 2700 for 50Hz)

Weight: 4Kg, metal casting component, rubber feet.

Dimensions: 165′122′165 mm

Normal configuration: host + single tube head gasket + smooth rubber gasket 3 inches wide


The regular function of the modern sludge water treatment machine needs the operator to have a good professional knowledge, so the contractor must be provided advance instruction on the long-term business procedure preparation, such that the operator’s expertise knowledge is expected to be high.


Rugged and robust, our most common vortex mixer is the ORIGINAL Vortex-Genie 2. Dynamic speed modulation of rugged metal housing makes for high intensity shifting or mortising. Supplied with 3 inch Base and Pop-Off Cup.

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