What Services do Employers Use for Background Checks?

What Services do Employers Use for Background Checks

What Services do Employers Use for Background Checks?

With an unprecedented shift to remote work, the demand for quality background checks is higher than ever. We tested services commonly used by employers for background checks. Here are our findings.


Paycom is a comprehensive HR solution housed in one database. As a user, you will be carrying out training, paying staff, making new hires, and ensuring legal compliance using this technology. Therefore, all your workforce data will be in one place rather than distributed all over. The service also streamlines every process, from hiring to termination.  

The software offers talent acquisition, time management, labor management, HR management, and payroll in a bundle. You don’t need to integrate multiple systems, and there’s also no risk of entering repetitive data.


Intelius features employment and education verification, as well as intuitive visualizations, subscriptions, and one-time reports. We found this service goes above and beyond our expectations, with perhaps the most in-depth screenings on the market. The service checks financial information, criminal history, and address history. Connections are shown in graph form, making it easy to grasp relationships between different sets of data. The monthly subscription is your best bet if you need to use a service like this on a regular basis. While it’s not cheap, the quality of the service more than makes up for the cost incurred.

Check People

Check People is tailored to the needs and requirements of small and medium-sized companies. It saves time by improving team management and compliance. The service generates a long list of results in cases where candidates have common names, so you will find the right person at once. To avoid overwhelming the user with information, this user-friendly service narrows results down whenever possible.

With this service, employers can check employment and education history and verify credentials very quickly, freeing up time for other important activities. Individual pages load quickly. Depending on how you adjust settings, you’ll find results listed by relevance, age, or alphabetically.


This service offers reverse phone lookup and detailed search reports and uses cutting-edge software to ensure near-instant results. The background checks can confirm or reject suspicions that a candidate might be lying about credentials or employment experience. It becomes easy to see whether someone has deceived you. You can also get data about financial and criminal history if the candidate has one.  

When you enter an address into PeopleFinder’s search bar, it will identify the person registered there. However, speed of search is easily the best thing about this service. It doesn’t take more than three minutes to get a comprehensive background check report.   

Instant Checkmate

Launched about a decade ago, Instant Checkmate grew very quickly. Today, it has more than a million satisfied users. The people search function can be used to get details such as someone’s phone number, birthdate, and even their political beliefs. While not strictly an employment background check service, it’s an intuitive platform with a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate interface. You can use reverse phone lookup to identify callers for a small charge.

The reliable and comprehensive criminal history search is why you should consider using Instant Checkmate for your pre-employment screening needs. A lot of recruiters use it because it combs practically innumerable public records.

Final Thoughts

Employers use background check services to find more information about candidates, but they can help with much more than that. As a business, you can look into a partner or competitor’s finances or real estate-related information. There’s no shortage of the useful details you will glean from such a search. Give one of our choices a shot!    

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