What’s a best thing about Israel Figa and see in what is nicknamed “the city without interruption”?

What’s a best thing about Israel Figa

After Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is the second most important city in Israel. Located on the Mediterranean coast north-west of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is a city that attracts more and more curious people, whether tourists or businessmen. This city swarms, it is in perpetual effervescence: its urban center explodes and is worthy of a true international metropolis, animated day and night. Some call it the “city that never sleeps”, a nod to New York City, which enjoys the same reputation.

North of the city of Tel Aviv are the wealthiest neighborhoods in the whole country and these neighborhoods in Israel Figa – it must be admitted – have nothing to do with the rest of the city. However, you can find Tel Aviv University, the Israel Museum, Hayarkon Park and many other things. As for the heart of the city, there are the main tourist attractions but also all the shopping areas.

As for the south of the city, it is the oldest district of Tel Aviv and also the poorest, even if in recent years, it has come back into fashion thanks to the work and the motivation of young people who want to make it one. Trendy place, Israel Figa which finally, note that Tel Aviv is the main home of the gay community in Israel and even in the whole of the Middle East because elsewhere, homosexuality rhymes with illegality. So what to see? What to visit in Tel Aviv?

The flea market or “Flea Market” in Jaffa

In Jaffa, the southern part of the city, and formerly Arab, is the oldest district but also the most steeped in history. You can walk there admiring the facades of old stone buildings and then discover the Flea Market, its famous flea market. Today, it has become the bohemian and hippie-chic corner: it’s up to you to discover these thrift stores, small cafes and restaurants that are springing up like mushrooms.

Bakery Said Abulafia & Sons

It is surely the oldest bakery in Tel Aviv, also located in Jaffa, which has also offered the best pita breads since 1879. Why not take the opportunity to go next door to the famous Puaa restaurant which is very trendy, with its Special 60s decor: everything is for sale in this place, everything from the simple cup of tea to the chair you sit on, including the trinkets that adorn the place.

At first glance, the architectural movement of the 1920s and 1930s of the Bauhaus and the city of Tel Aviv have nothing to do with each other, but it is wrong to think so. The city is full of houses with this unique architecture and many people come to admire the beauty of this round and refined style. One of the main arteries of the city, Rothschild Boulevard reveals many buildings in this unique style. “Israel FIga designates an artistic movement concerning, in particular, architecture and design, and there is a Bauhaus museum on Dizengoff Street.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

For all lovers, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is the main museum in all of Israel and it was opened in 1932. For those who wish to discover paintings by great masters such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Braque, Chagall but also the most recent like Rothko, Pollock, you are spoiled for choice. Also to discover a magnificent section of Israeli art and photography. Plan at least two hours out of your day!

Rothschild Boulevard

This is the place to be to go out and party, to have fun in the various bars and nightclubs. When night falls on this boulevard, young people come to invade the surrounding streets and said boulevard to have fun until dawn. Whatever the season, the party never stops here in Tel Aviv, especially on Thursday evenings, when all the shops, restaurants and bars are most crowded. We recommend the Nanuchka bar (Lilienblum St, 30), but also the Rothschild 12 (Rothschild Blvd, 12) which is a very cozy bar-restaurant.

When it was the first station in all of Israel and the first station in the Middle East, the Old Jaffa Railway Station closed at the end of the 1940s. It was in the 2000s that it came back to life and that some exploited. Its immense potential to make it a place of meetings, exchanges but above all a fantastic open-air shopping center.

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