What’s the Rarest Eye Color in the World?

What'S The Rarest Eye Color In The World

You’d think that this question has a simple answer but the truth is it doesn’t. People often debate over what the rarest eye color is mostly because “rare” is relative. Eye color can be rare in one part of the world and common in another.

That said; green eyes are thought to be the rarest in the world. 

Fun Facts about Green Eyes

There are not many scientific studies to back up the claim that green eyes are the rarest in the world, so why don’t we look at some fun facts about the eye color?

The Eye Color is Rare

We have already mentioned this but you may be interested to know that only 2% of the world’s population has this eye color. Green eyes are caused by a genetic mutation that results in low melanin levels.

Green Eyes are not Green 

Sounds confusing, but you read that right. Looking at a green-eyed person, you will notice that their eyes have a lovely emerald shade. However, the iris has no color pigment. Just like blue eyes, the color you see is a result of the absence of melanin in the iris.

When there is less melanin in the iris, more light is scattered out and that makes the eyes appear green. 

Many Factors Contribute to Green Eyes

Did you know that a whopping 16 genes are responsible for contributing to eye color? Regardless of your parents’ eye color, you could end up with just about any eye color. That means that you could have green eyes irrespective of your race.

The Most Number of People with Green Eyes are Found in Liqian, China 

Liqian is a village in China where two-thirds of its inhabitants have blonde hair and green eyes. This is a rare combination and it is linked to the people’s ancestry.

Babies don’t Develop Green Eyes Right After Birth

 Every child is born with either blue or brown eyes. Green eyes develop anytime between six months to three years.

Eye Color does not Affect Personality

There are no studies to show that eye color can determine the personality of an individual. However, green-eyed people are thought to be great leaders, jealous, creative, mysterious, passionate, and intelligent.

Green-Eyed People Have Less Protection

Green eyes have less melanin than other eye colors making individuals with the same extra-sensitive to UV rays. That means that a green-eyed person is more sensitive to sudden light increases.

Famous People with Green Eyes

How about we list some celebrities with rare-colored eyes? We are going to cover green in particular.


*John Hamm

*Emma Stone

*Kate Middleton

*Clive Owen

Just for fun, you can try to figure out if these celebrities display any of the personality traits that we have previously mentioned.

Final Thoughts

A person is not born with green eyes. The theory is that they are born with gray or blue eyes that transition to green, as they grow older. Regardless, we cannot deny that green makes a beautiful and exotic eye color.

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