When an Online Dispensary POS System is the wrong choice

Online Dispensary Pos System

When an Online Dispensary POS System is the wrong choice

Cloud-based dispensary point-of-sale systems don’t come without their own list of risks. Make sure you’re aware of some of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to switch an online dispensary POS system.

Your online dispensary POS system is available via the internet. This means you’re dependent on an internet connection. You know how fickle connectivity can be. If you’re constantly battling the WiFi for your dispensary point of sale software to work, your customer experience is going to suffer. While it is true that most systems now have an “offline” mode, you still can’t process the transaction until you have connection again. Your dispensary POS will just store the information until you regain connection. This can pose risks for you. If you have a bad credit card number, or any other problem, you’re not going to know until after the connection is back. By then, your customer is long-gone with the merchandise you sold. If you don’t have a reliable internet connection, you probably can’t rely on an online dispensary POS system.

The service provider is responsible for the security of your customer data, since they’re storing your data for you on one of their servers. For dispensaries who aren’t technically savvy, you usually don’t want to be in charge of the security of your data. But, some cannabis dispensaries do want that responsibility to ensure they properly understand how their data is secured. If you want that type of control over data security, then a cloud-based cannabis dispensary POS might not be what’s best for you and your dispensary.

Dispensary POS software isn’t cheap. If you’ve already put significant time and money into your dispensary point of sale software, you might not want to scrap it all to switch to an online dispensary POS system just yet. While set-up and installation can be quick, you want to be conscious of what you’re getting for your investment. Is it worth it to rip out all of your current dispensary software POS systems?

Cloud-based dispensary POS systems can be more affordable. Their low price also can correlate to the amount of functionality that you’re getting. Your online dispensary POS system might not have all the capabilities you need to sell to your customers. Make sure the dispensary POS system you’re looking into has the features that you need. Don’t sacrifice features just for the ability to be cloud-based.

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