Where to Get the Best Exchange Rates for DOGE to BTC?

Exchange Rates For Doge To Btc

We’ll not beat around the bush and get straight to the answer. To get the best rate, you need to find a proper DOGE to BTC exchange that features good rates. One such platform is Godex.io, which is a decentralized site that offers an on-the-fly converter for 170+ cryptocurrencies.

But how does it achieve the best rates? Let’s take a look at our short guide.

Tracking the Rates at Real Time

Godex uses a very simple process to offer you the best rates for exchanging Doge for Bitcoin and vice versa. It uses a technology that tracks the rates on many big exchange platforms in a real-time mode. In other words, whenever a price changes at one of the platforms, Godex will take note.

As soon as you want to make an exchange, Godex will use the price from the site that currently offers the best rate and offer it to you. That way, you can make sure that you’ll always get the best offer on the web.

The entire process is actually that simple. Your only job is to input the amount of DOGE that you’re willing to sell, and Godex will immediately tell you how much BTC you can get at that moment. Alternatively, you can enter how much Bitcoin you’d like to buy, and the converter will calculate how many dogecoins you’d have to pay.

If you’re interested in using Godex, keep reading this article, as we are going to explain how to convert DOGE to BTC in four easy steps.

Converting DOGE to BTC at Godex — Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a simple guide that should help you understand how Godex works and how to convert cryptocurrencies at the best rates.

  1. Input the amount of DOGE or BTC — Enter the amount of either the crypto you’re selling or the one you’re buying, and the other field will be filled automatically, showing you the best rates at that moment.
  2. Enter BTC address — If you’re buying BTC using DOGE, you’ll have to enter your Bitcoin wallet address, which is where the exchange will send your BTC.
  3. Click Exchange — Tap on the big blue button to start the exchange.
  4. Make a deposit — The last step is to enter the address of the cryptocurrency you’re selling. In this case, that’s DOGE. Godex will then make the conversion in approximately 30 minutes, and you’ll get your BTC.

Exchange DOGE to BTC at Fixed Rates

Another big advantage of Godex is that it fixes rates as soon as you start the exchange. Why is this important?

Doge and Bitcoin are both cryptocurrencies, and both are pretty volatile, meaning their value fluctuates pretty often. It means that from the time you start the exchange by the time it is executed, the value of these cryptocurrencies can change and affect your rate.

However, that’s not the case at Godex, which fixes the rate of the cryptocurrencies you’re trading when you start the transaction process. Therefore, you’ll receive the exact same amount that was displayed to you on the exchange. This way, you’ll be able to avoid all unexpected losses and plan your trading strategy without a big obstacle on the way.

Final Thoughts

The world of cryptocurrencies is pretty fast-moving, as exchange rates change all the time. However, by using a service such as Godex, your losses will not exist, as you’ll always get the best rates which will be frozen at the moment you make an exchange. Apart from DOGE/BTC, Godex also offers plenty of other cryptocurrencies and crypto trading pairs.

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