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Tropical Bali has a special place in my heart. For two months I ‘lived’ there as a Digital Nomad and fell in love with the land. The nature is beautiful, the food delicious, the people friendly and the temperature pleasant. You don’t need more right?

Bali is still quite large, so it is a good idea to think carefully about where to stay in Bali. In this article I discuss the different villages and regions in Bali where you can choose a hotel. In that respect, plenty of choice: Bali is full of beautiful guesthouses, boutique hotels and luxury villas. In this hotel I share the best hotels for Bali, whether you are going to Bali for the first time or the hundredth time! Bali is an Indonesian island between Java and Lombok. It is a popular holiday destination, not only for backpackers, but also for the ‘normal’ sun holiday. The advantage of that? Choice of budget hotels and luxury hotels: it just depends on what you feel like.

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The best places to stay in Bali are in the southwest or in the east. In the Southwest you will find places like Canggu or Seminyak. Canggu is a nice place full of trendy restaurants and bars in the middle of the rice fields, near the beach. Although it is certainly not undiscovered, it is less crowded than the neighboring Seminyak. That is also a great choice: you will also find many trendy hotels, restaurants and beach bars here.

In the Middle / East of Bali you will find places like Ubud and Sideman. Ubud is a popular hippie dom full of yoga studios, smoothie shops and temples. In recent years it has become super popular. Sidemen is also called the ‘undiscovered’ Ubud. Located between the rice fields, it is still largely authentic. For your first time it is also a very nice idea to do a week in the area of ​​Canggu and a week in the area of ​​Ubud: then you get an idea of ​​both. There are really only two places I would advise against staying in Bali, and those are the towns of Kuta and the capital, Denpasar. Kota is the Lloret de Mar of Bali, full of cheap bars, screaming discos and drunk Australians. The Aussies come here on package holidays, with the sole purpose of partying, drinking and lying on the beach. So skip it.

All the way in the south of Bali you will find the airport; Ngurah Rai Denpasar Airport. Denpasar is the capital of the island and also the only real big city in Bali. Denpasar is not a city where you want to stay, it is a maze of streets, super crowded with scooters and there is very little to experience for tourists. Not the relaxed vacation experience you want. The north of Bali is one of the quietest areas on the island. It is far from the busy Denpasar and Semi yak and you notice that in the lower number of tourists. Yet it is beautiful here. For example, you really have to be in the north to spot dolphins. Boats depart from Loving almost daily in the morning for the dolphins. We want to be able to enjoy these animals for many centuries, so choose a boat trip where the fishermen really take the importance of the animals into account. There are many fishing boats that transport as many tourists as possible and hunt all dolphins. Not great! Furthermore loving lies along the coast and that also means opportunities for snorkeling and diving. And not to forget: beaches. The beaches in the north of Bali are often lava beaches. That means no idyllic and tropical white sand with an azure blue sea, but black, fine sand with palm trees and (anyway) that blue sea. Inland you will find Munduk, also a famous name in the north of the island. It is a small village in the mountainous landscape. Munduk is still very authentic and only has the necessary facilities. It’s all about nature. The mountains are impressive, the rice fields still calm and the village is surrounded by all kinds of waterfalls, one of which is even more spectacular than the other. Munduk is really one of the most beautiful green areas in Bali.

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