While the smartphone sector is keeping up, the memories and displays sink the operating margin

While the smartphone sector is keeping up, the memories and displays sink the operating margin 1

Samsung has just announced its financial results for the last quarter of 2019 and, consequently, for the whole year, painting a picture in stark contrast to that of Apple. While on the one hand we have the best quarter ever, in the home of the Korean company there is little to celebrate: the last quarter in fact confirms the typical bearish trend of all 2019.

To give you a yardstick, consider that in the calendar year the profit went from 58.89 to 27.77 trillion won – a decrease of 52.8%. A figure that makes even more impression if you consider that the total turnover differs only by 1.2%.

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There was therefore a clear decrease in the operating margin on products sold. Samsung itself says that among the main culprits of these results are the increasingly low prices of memories and the weakness of the display market. Some Screenshots Have Surfaced Of Fallout 76’s Wastelanders Update; Shows Off Some Cool-Looking Bases. If we go specifically to the field of smartphones, the situation is less dramatic: the turnover suffered a 7% increase in 2019, a decrease of profits limited to 0.9%. Looking ahead, Samsung is ready for 5G and plans to expand the adoption of this connectivity and to further focus on its portfolio of folding productsWill he be able to return the plus sign in profit?

If you need to charge many electronic devices at the same time, what you need is a wall charger with many inputs. Luckily Amazon comes to meet you and offers two nice flash offers for RAV Power chargers, both for less than € 20! We are talking about two wall chargers very similar in design and features: both have many standard-size USB ports – 

4 the first and 6 the second – in which to connect cables to recharge smartphones, tablets or other devices. All inputs support smart technology, which provides the right power according to the needs of the connected device.

Rejoice, oh italic readers of Smart World. Unicode, the non-profit organization that deals among other things with selecting the various “standard” emesis to be used on smartphones (and not only), has announced 62 new emojis and 55 shades and gender variations for the existing ones.

Emojipedia has collected them practically all in a practical summary image. You can see the happy face with death inside , the ninja , men and women dressed as bride or groom, the pepper, various other foods, some more animals (including some extinct) and above all he, the universally recognized gesture , what identifies us in the world as Italian DOC.

The 117 new emojis will be part of the Emojis 13.0 set, which is the set approved for release in the current year. Many of those included in the new list require Unicode 13.0, whose release is scheduled for March 2020. A little more patience and we will be able to respond in tone, proudly showing our origins even with emojis. In the meantime, for those who have not understood the cover image, we leave you with a video that teases (affectionately) precisely the protagonist gesture of the new emojis.

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