Why a lot of terrifying geese have taken the Internet

Why a lot of terrifying geese have taken the Internet

The game Untitled Goose Game, starring a water bird that sows panic in a village, has become the last sensation

The geese, relatively less graceful cousins ​​of the majestic swans, those birds with awkward gait and hilarious croaking. So naive that they think a panda can be their son, as was the case in the movie Kung-Fu Panda. All this is over. This water bird has gotten fed up, has decided to follow the path that that pioneer crow of Edgar Allan Poe pointed out and has exclaimed: never again! Reports of attacks by terrifying geese dominate the Internet right now. The reason, however, is not that these formerly funny animals have become massively crazy or coordinated for a sudden and sporadic lightning attack, in the manner of Hitchcock’s The Birds. The person responsible for this fever, the starting point in this Year One of the Goose Age, is the video game Indie Untitled Goose Game, which in just two weeks has reached the top of Nintendo Switch, downloads in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

The mechanics of the game are explained in its page in a simple and meridian way: It’s been a beautiful day in the town and you are a very unpleasant goose. Nor does the trailer leave room for ambiguity, which begins with the bird emerging between squawks of the undergrowth and then terrorizing a child by shaking a glass bottle with its beak, stealing the transistor from a poor man or causing all kinds of Shattered in a peaceful family house.

Simply, the feathery and menacing protagonist has to complete a series of tasks -robberies, assaults on innocent people, raids and other criminal activities – to unlock the four areas that make up the game. Why this simple game has achieved the wide recognition of specialists, with a favorable coefficient of 81% in the Meteoritic aggregate, which takes the average of the criticisms of the different media? The success is the same because Untitled Goose Game includes a button so that the user can squaw at pleasure as many times as he/she wants.

In video games it has been a superhero, players have saved planets, but none has made them feel as powerful as Untitled Goose Game, says critic , which highlights the game’s humor, the charm of its design and ingenuity of the challenges Another person prostrated to the vigor of the goose has been Alex Hirsch, creator of the popular Disney series Gravity Falls : It is a game about an ancient god of chaos that has taken the form of a goose and spares no satisfaction in satisfying its desires for destruction , without seeing anything that seems worthy of mercy and squawking at dusk, he jokes on his Twitter account. The game can be purchased for a computer and, despite the irresistible hyper boils inspired by its argument; the game does not receive the rating of violent.

The catches of quirky situations in Untitled Goose Game have become the new Internet meme, which has immediately given rise to geese photo montages in other video games (such as  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has Broken its Own Peak Average Player Record), generated very stylish t-shirts or, of course A news on a goose in Google news approved was amplified on a universal scale that, it seems, entered a taxi on Tuesday shattering a window, just one day after the inauguration of the traditional  geese Fair. It does not seem a chance. So not half nonsense with these pathetic and yet overwhelming birds.


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