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Getting a break from routine life is necessary for everyone. So, when planning for taking a break visiting places like Los Angeles can be a stress buster and relaxation. Going to Los Angeles for a vacation can be a great option as it is one of the best places to do whale watching. Los Angeles whale watching has been in the topmost places around the world because of its secure environmental park along the coastal line. This whale watching chance is available for the full year and there are cruise services available from downtown Los Angeles. 


As the Los Angeles whale watching is available for the full year, there are many whales that amaze its visitors seasonally. In summer that is from May to September, the visitors can see Minke Whales, Humpback Whales, Blue Whales, Finback Whales, and other marine animals. From December to April, the visitors have a chance to see gray whales also along with other types of whales. The reason for having this many whales and other marine animals in this region was found that as the secured park environment along the coast which helps in marine life survival. Visitors can also see sea lions, seals, mola mola and sharks in this region. 


When doing Los Angeles whale watching the visitors can see different kinds of whales that amazes them in water. 


  • Largest anim al in the earth. 
  • Weighs about 150 tons
  • They have a comb-like structure known as baleens that helps them with their food intake. 
  • Can consume more amount of water in a gulp and their blow can be for 30 feet in the air. 


  • They travel and reach LA for breeding.
  • During Los Angeles whale watching, the viewers can see this whale when they migrate. 
  • These whales are the 8th largest among the whales.
  • Weighs about 35-40 tons.
  • Females are bigger than males in this kind of whales. 


  • These whale kinds have an amazing reputation amongst its viewers. 
  • They are the black and white dolphins that prey on other whales for their survival. 
  • They can be found in all the oceans and seas worldwide. 


  • Quickest baleen whale.
  • Weighs about 60 tons. 
  • After the blue whale, they are the 2nd largest whale. 


  • Weighs about 50 tons.
  • They are known to have large brains. 


  • They are the whales for the visitors who come for Los Angeles whale watching.
  • Weighs about 79000 pounds.


  • They are the smallest baleen whales.
  • Weighs about 10 tons.
  • They have white bands on their fins.
  • They are in the shape of a torpedo. 


Along with whale watching, the visitors also have the perk of watching dolphins. Some of the dolphin species are:

  1. Bottlenose dolphin
  2. Common dolphin
  3. Risso’s dolphins
  4. Pacific white sided dolphin


Visiting LA for a vacation can be a wise choice as you have a chance to do Los Angeles whale watching which will be an awesome experience. 

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