Windows 11 Moment 3 Update: Packed with Cool Features

Windows 11 Moment 3 Update Showcasing Its Innovative Features.

Microsoft Windows has dominated the operating system market for many years. Each new version of Windows includes a plethora of upgrades and new, exciting features. Users and developers alike are once again buzzing about the latest version of Windows 11, the Moment 3 upgrade. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Windows 11 Moment 3 and its exciting new features, as well as investigate why it’s garnering so much attention.

Start Menu Makeover

The revamped Start Menu is one of Windows 11 Update 3’s most notable new features. Microsoft has given it a fresh new style and moved it to the middle of the taskbar, where it looks right at home. With this revamped layout, navigating to and utilising your most frequently used programmes, data, and configuration options is a breeze. With the removal of Live Tiles, the new Start Menu provides a cleaner and more adaptable interface.

Snap Layouts and Snap Groups Increase Efficiency.

In Windows 11 Update 3, Snap Layouts and Snap Groups are introduced to enhance multitasking. Users can rapidly arrange their windows next to one another or in a grid with the help of Snap Layouts. This function considerably improves efficiency by permitting simultaneous use of multiple programmes.

However, using Snap Groups, users can easily navigate between collections of snapped programmes or data. This makes it possible to quickly return to where you left off, even after a device restart or a task changeover.

Universal Access to Desktops and Virtual Desktops

Windows 11’s Moment 3 is a breakthrough for virtual desktops. The new version makes it easier and more flexible to set up and manage virtual desktops. Users may now set up individual desktops with customised background, taskbar arrangements, and app setups. This is a great option for people who need to keep their work and personal lives distinct, or who just like to keep things neat and tidy in their workspace.

Updated Microsoft Retail Outlet

Windows 11 Update 3 brings a major redesign to the Microsoft Store. Traditional Win32 programmes sit alongside more cutting-edge Universal Windows Platform (UWP) offerings in the updated store. To further entice programmers to release their apps on the Microsoft platform, the company has also implemented a new revenue-sharing arrangement. The updated app selection is meant to be more comprehensive and appealing to users.

DirectStorage and Auto HDR: Two Game-Changing Updates

Windows 11 Moment 3 offers interesting new features for gamers. By utilising the speed of NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs), DirectStorage offers quicker load times and more fluid gaming. As a result, players will have a better gaming experience with shorter wait times.

Another fantastic feature of Windows 11’s Moment 3 is Auto HDR. Compatible games have their visuals improved with HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatibility added automatically. Games that were developed for SDR can now take advantage of HDR capabilities and look and feel more vivid and realistic thanks to Auto HDR.


The Windows 11 Moment 3 update delivers a slew of useful new tools meant to boost efficiency, enrich entertainment, and cater to individual preferences. Everything from the updated Start menu to the reimagined Microsoft Store has been created with the end user in mind.

Windows 11 Moment 3 ushered in a new era of operating systems with its cutting-edge functionality and meticulous design. Whether you’re a novice or a power user, you’re going to love what’s new in Windows.


Does Microsoft offer a free upgrade to Windows 11 Build 13102?
Windows 11 Moment 3 is a free upgrade for some Windows 10 customers. However, in order to have a successful installation, specific system prerequisites must be met.

To find out if your computer is capable of receiving the Windows 11 Moment 3 update
To determine if your computer is capable of running Windows 11 Update 3 or later, you can use Microsoft’s PC Health Check utility. The tool’s compatibility with your system can be assessed once you download and execute it.

If I don’t like Windows 11 Moment 3, is there a way to go back to Windows 10?
If you upgrade to Windows 11 Release Candidate 3 and then decide it isn’t suitable for you, you have 10 days to roll back to Windows 10 from Windows 11.

Is Windows 11 Update Rollup 4 more secure than previous versions?
In a word, yes. Upgrades to Windows Hello biometric authentication, hardware-based isolation, and secure start are just a few of the new security features introduced in Windows 11 Update 3.

Is Windows 11 Moment 3 compatible with all of my programmes?
Windows 11 Moment 3 should have full support for all programmes that run on Windows 10. However, before downloading an app, you should always double-check with the programme’s developers to make sure it meets your needs.

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