Haiti Political Leader Werley Nortreus Runs Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti With Young Leaders

Haiti Political Leader Werley Nortreus Runs Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti With Young Leaders 1

Haiti Political Leader Werley Nortreus Runs Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti With Young Leaders

Haiti is used to political parties over a decade but the elders never gave the Youth in Haiti the opportunity to be involved in politics for their country. The youth in Haiti is afraid to be in politic for Haiti due to fear of being killed by the Haitian Government or other politicians who are running against them.

However, fears didn’t stop the young Haitian political leader Werley Nortreus or Prince Werley Nortreus from founding a powerful political party called Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti that is fighting for freedom, value, respect, and progress. The party describes itself as a proud warrior that honors and values the faith of the First black nation that won their freedom. According to reports, during the protests across Haiti in 2018 and 2019, the members of Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti was involved and demanded the resignation of corrupt politicians in power in Haiti.

“If our ancestors did it, we can do it too. But in today society, we got to do better and smarter”, said Mr. Werley Nortreus, a political leader and founder of Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti and A New Haiti Before 2045 (ANHB 2045).

Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti (also known as VSA) is a private political party based in Haiti that promotes education, faith, value, visions. Its selected members are young leaders only who operate the most in Haiti, and also in America. The private political party is known as Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti or VSA and it was founded or invented by Mr. Werley Nortreus in 2017. However, the selected leaders of Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti fight for freedom, value, respect, and contribute to Haiti’s progression because the mission will always be based on bettering Haiti.

“Over a decade, I’ve seen too many parties in Haiti but they are not really doing anything to better Haiti. That’s the reason why I started Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti to get the youth with me to better Haiti”, said Mr. Werley Nortreus while discussing the topic on Bon Déjeuner! Radio or BDR! Live in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

On July 6 and 7, 2018, October 17, 2018, November 18, 2018 and February 7, 2019. All these dates are marked by the violent blockade of the streets of Port-au-Prince, the capital, and from the other large cities in Haiti carried out by thousands of protesters protesting against a system that they blame for keeping them destitute and demanding better living conditions.

This total blockade of routes and highways has become a new form of social vindication to which the population resorts to express their pain, their discouragement, their discomfort, their abject misery and their mistrust of political decision-makers. From the first, they live day by day waiting for the next blockade. This situation generates a certain psychosis both among economic agents and among citizens. However, since mid-February 2019, calm seems to have returned to the country. This calm has allowed the resumption of activities in Port-au-Prince and in some provincial cities. The authorities celebrate it, without taking action on the structural causes underlying the protests, which demand, above all, better socioeconomic conditions for Haitians.

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