Yuliana Grasman, The only Woman Creator and Leader of a Car Club in UAE

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Yuliana Grasman, also known as Afra in the motorsports world, continues to set milestones at UAE. Today, this car lover is the only woman who has founded and leads a car club in the entire region. Immersed in sports activities with motor vehicles, this young woman has been active since its inception, and continues to grow reaching goals that few have achieved.

The beginnings of the Black Edition Club

Yuliana received innumerable requests from her followers for to create her own car club but having no experience in this regard, Afra decided to look for a club to join but she did not succeed. At this point the drifting champion decided to take into account what her fans had been requesting of her for more than two years, and she set the goal of creating a club. To name this beautiful project, she took the name of her own car “Black Edition”. Yuliana thought it would be the most appropriate, since she led to success with her car and had an incredible experiences, and this is what she was looking for when creating a club. Thus was born the Black Edition Empire, a place for vehicle fans to meet, support each other and grow to achieve their dreams.

Challenges and Obstacles Overcome

Afra faced various challenges along the way during the club’s creation process. These obstacles allowed her to learn and grow stronger, as she had already done during drifting competitions. In an environment where men predominate, there is not always receptivity when a woman wants to go her own way. But perseverance and the desire to achieve her goals, pushed Yuliana along the way. She also had people who supported her in the beginning, and who later for one reason or another abandoned her to her fate, but Afra continued to fight for her goals. At present the club is already formalized, it is known by many, and it has an incredible team that works alongside Yuliana so that the club continues to grow.

In the words of the founder of the club: “When the successful and suitable people came to my side, it was all easier. Now I have an incredible team, all the guys who are in the group are self-confident, humble and gang members. I am very proud of each one of them. I will make sure that each one reaches their goals. And we will achieve the goals of the group together.

An inclusive club, a club for everyone

This club is for anyone who wants to be part of the change, part of an expanding new world. It is a team with clean intentions, unique ideas and solidarity for anyone who wants to continue developing. In the beginning, the club was created for people with black cars, but due to the interest of the people and the expansion of the club itself, Afra and her team made the decision to accept cars of another color. In this regard, Yuliana tells us: “I realize that we are literally unlocked an another level and I cannot stop this growth process. It is also our marketing. People want to be part of the club and join together to have the opportunity to build something more great together and I can’t stop this.”

So far the Black Edition Club has around 85 participants with black various cars, and another 20 members with colored cars in the United Arab Emirates. It also has 10 members with black cars in Oman and around 20 around the world. The organization has not yet reached its first anniversary and has already set several UAE records. It usually takes a car club in the region between 3 or 4 years to reach the number of 80 participants, and the Black Edition Club did it in less than a year.

On the other hand, the club created by Afra accepts both men and women among its ranks. And although to date it only has one female member, they expect more females to join soon. Black Edition Club events and activities Recently the club held one of the most important events in GCC and the Middle East. The show was in Dubai and featured around 50 black cars. The next event will be bigger, they are even planning to celebrate the club’s first anniversary at the end of September. Additionally, the club will continue to participate in other events and its members love to participate and keep active.
The club in the coming years

Afra and her team wish to continue being a different, original and above all participatory club.

The Black Edition Club family continues to develop their goals and ideas, as a team it is they themselves who set the tone and create the trends. Also, the club is currently collaborating with at least 5 other clubs and they are receiving applications from the others. They have been able to work collaboratively successfully, to the point of becoming a community.

Yuliana comments: “I am so happy to see that other clubs are successful. I feel very happy when we collaborate with other clubs, it feels very good because is a family support. I love sharing the experience and helping others to be successful too.”

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