10 Tips to Consider Before Embarking into a Long RV Trip

Long Rv Trip

Need some tips before you start planning your RV getaway? Novice or expert, here is a list to help you plan everything without it being complicated! If you don’t already have RVs, go to Shoppok.com and find that is going to be perfect for you.

If you head to Ontario or Western Canada at VR, you’ll be visiting: northwestern Ontario, a vast expanse perfect for nature lovers. The best way to enjoy the wonderful scenery and thousands of lakes in Northern Ontario are surely by caravanning!

1. Don’t Bring Your Home with You

First and foremost – remember that you are going camping. Don’t try to take all the material comforts of the home. By definition, camping means enjoying the outdoors. Doing RV is not living the hard way, but it’s still camping. Not regaining the luxury and you have at home is part of the experience.

2. Book Your Seat or Camping Spots Early

Each campground and provincial park accepts campers in RVs without reservations. However, they cannot do so if there are no more places. It is therefore highly recommended to choose your destination or destinations and book well in advance. This is especially recommended for a weekend or holiday trip, such as the long weekend in May, Canada Day, and the first weekend of August —in Ontario, it’s a civic holiday, and everyone enjoys it!

3. Make a List

It may be a no-brainer, but many people don’t list and end up forgetting some essential necessities, such as organic bamboo toilet paper or insect repellent. In addition to making travel – and preparations – more enjoyable, you can double-check items as you load them in your vehicle. When everything has been worked out, you are sure that you have everything you need… Unless you forgot to add it to the list!

4. Plan Meals Carefully

It comes naturally for some… But many people bring far too much food while others don’t bring enough. You have to plan what kind of food to take with you. Depending on your destination, your RV fridge and coolers may be the only places to keep perishable or frozen food cold; so don’t bring too much food, you could lose it quickly. If you have children, plan enough snacks. They will probably be hungrier between meals compared to their appetite at home. It’s part of the joys of the outdoors.

5. Plan for the Unpredictable

As the Scouts say, “Be prepared!” Many campers crossing northern North America for the first time are not. You need to be prepared for the cool weather, even in the middle of summer, and the rain.

In addition to beach sandals and sneakers, bring stronger shoes, such as hiking shoes. If it rains, you will have the right shoes to walk in the woods. No one controls the temperature, so be sure to bring board games, card games, or movies to have something to do if there are rainy days. But first and foremost, don’t forget the mosquito repellent! If you are looking for reliable rv dealers then Tacoma RV dealers are right choice.

6. It’s okay not to Bring Everything

Experienced campers know that you can also bring too much. So here are some suggestions for things not to bring. If you’re talking about food, remember that many meals are prepared as part of activities and it’s easy and simple. It means forgetting gourmet meals that require a lot of preparation, foods that have to be cooked for a long time like cakes, etc. The way to avoid bringing too much food is, in fact, to plan your meals and then bring some extra items in case – like the snacks we talked about earlier.

Here are some other things to “don’t bring”:

  • Wood – can transmit invasive species and it’s super bulky
  • Chairs – bring exactly the number enough, no more
  • Heavy or cumbersome effects – tolerance of space and weight is often paramount; Don’t bring water unless necessary and remove what’s bulky on all other effects to make storage easier
  • Inflatable and beach toys – I’m guilty of this – how many times have you inflated mattresses, tubes, or whatever, and you’ve never used them?
  • Bicycles – Unless you’re sure there are places to go for a bike ride (and you should call to make sure), don’t bring them.

7. Be Careful

If you are the new owner of a large truck or smaller trailer, it is important that you know the rules for towing the RV or trailer safely, know how to park safely and how to install it safely. Experience is the best asset, but when it comes to towing a trailer, remember that you need to have a vehicle powerful enough for the size of the trailer you are buying. The engine will suffer and the fuel tank will empty very quickly.

8. Adapt

You’re on a “holiday”! Have a positive mental attitude and be willing to adapt to unexpected situations, which will make your camping trip all the more enjoyable. Stress and vacation are not compatible. Take your time and remember that your attitude to a problem makes all the difference between being relaxed and being stressed.

9. Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things

I get a lot of feedback about the experiences of some people traveling in our area. I have found that what I hear the most is the satisfaction and pride of people in trying something new, something they had never dared to do before. If you come from a big city and have little (or not at all) fished, go ahead and throw your line into the water. If you’ve never taken a hiking trail in the forest, try it, or take a paddle and go for a canoe or kayak ride. If you follow this advice, I assure you that you will have a memorable moment.

10. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

If this is your first trip to Northern Ontario or anywhere else, and you’re not sure where to go or what to do when you get there, don’t hesitate to explore this blog or ask for help. Knowledge of the place can be extremely helpful in determining where to see, what to do – a hidden waterfall or an off-the-beaten-track fishing lake. By asking for help, you will benefit from the multiple knowledge of a local resident and thereby meet new people.

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