Track and Trace Support

Track and Trace Support

 For a business to develop steadily and as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to set up the supply chain. This will help to build relationships with customers and make the most of the company’s resources.

About 3Keys

3Keys GmbH is a world-renowned company that specializes in the serialization of product tracking. The main goal of the company is to provide high-quality and safe logistics that will make your business as efficient as possible. Thanks to innovative supply chain software, its data are displayed at once to all its members. You can monitor all activities of the supply chain at any time. This ensures maximum transparency and honesty. 

Customer Focus

3Keys provides high-quality Track and Trace support for projects of any complexity. The company has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, automotive, and other industries; so, the support is top-level regardless of the supplier.

The company employees have a wealth of technical knowledge, possess a variety of programming languages, and are familiar with the details of government regulations and Track and Trace regulations. 3Keys GmbH adapts to the needs of a specific client to provide the best supply chain support

Technical Support

There are 3 layers of technical support:

  1.  L1 is the first support line. It solves simple problems that customers can usually solve themselves using the control panel. Support assistants communicate with the customer via the phone, online chat, or email. The helping possibilities at this level are limited, and if difficult problems appear, they are performed at the next levels.
  1.  Most technical problems are solved at the L2 level. Experienced support engineers work here to solve technical problems and prevent similar problems in the future.
  1.  L3 specialists are top-level professionals. They are capable of solving any server problem, as well as setting up the entire infrastructure.

3Keys supplies around-the-clock support at all technical levels.

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