10 Unusual Products You Might Have Never Heard Of

Unusual Products You Might Have Never Heard Of

Thanks to technological advances, we can create many useful things and accessories that help us in our everyday lives. Computers, smartphones, sonic toothbrushes, smart TVs have revolutionized the modern world, but with great progress come… weird ideas. People use technology to create interesting products, but some are probably too out there for you to have heard of. We would like to show you the best products we could dig up from the depths of the Internet.

1.   Fake Urine

Fake urine is a synthetic urine that is almost indistinguishable from the real one, even in the lab. If you like to smoke a joint from time to time, but you have to pass drug tests in your workplace, this is the thing for you. You can even purchase a prosthetic penis, so if you are a person with male genitals, you can pee in front of other people and still pretend it’s all yours! There are less shady applications for this invention – it’s sometimes used as an aid for medical students who are just learning how to handle test samples.

2.   Toilet Night Light

Until you have one, you would never have thought that you need it so badly. We believe that everyone knows this feeling when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and you can’t see anything. Most toilet lights have built-in smart sensors to light up only when it’s dark or detect some movement. The much-needed trips to the bathroom will be safer from now! You can choose from many different colors and even lighting effects.

3.   Mop Slippers

Now you can just walk around your home and mop the floor – so simple and yet so genius. Polishing the floors was never so easy and fun. Wet, slippery floors are perfect for Moondance. And if you have kids, you can just tell them that this is a new toy. Time saved, kids have fun cleaning, and your home is much fresher; it’s a win-win situation.

4.   LifeStraw

It’s a filtering straw that will allow you to drink almost anything. Most commonly used by survivalists. The straw filters are so advanced that you can even put it in the sewage and still drink beautiful, clean water. It will be a useful gadget for every camping or hitchhiking trip. You’ll never feel thirsty again.

5.   Smartphone Screen Magnifier

You can buy a fordable projector to enhance your travel experience and relieve your eyes a little. It also blocks the harmful light that projects from most phones. There is no longer a need for buying tablets and small laptops. It allows you to magnify the screen two to four times. It’s easy, affordable, foldable, and useful, just what we like the most.

6.   Showerhead Speakers

For every music lover, a showerhead speaker is a must-have. You can turn your average shower into a music room (there is this universal feeling that you always sound better in the bathroom). You can play anything from singing birds when you need some relaxation after a long day of hard work to Britney Spears’ Toxic if you want to use your shampoo bottle as a microphone.   

7.   Ostrich Napping Pillow

Another useful travel gadget. No matter if you are sitting at the airport, on the bus, or in your own car, thanks to the ostrich pillow, you will never have to worry about comfortable sleep. You simply put it on your head and feel the softness of everything you will lay your head on. The mouth hole keeps you cool, and the ear holes allow you to put on headphones.

8.   Selfie Light Ring

Selfie-lovers know that feeling when you are at the party, you want to take the perfect selfie, but the lightning is so bad that you can’t see anything on your camera. What then? If it’s a party at home, you can just turn the lights on and risk ruining the mood, but outside or in a club? A clip-on selfie ring will light your face even in the darkest place. If you are worried about the light ring attachment, don’t worry. It’s very easy to take off and put it back on.

9.   Dog Selfie Stick

Speaking of pictures, every dog-owner knows that situation when you want to take a photo of your dog, but he won’t stand still. Now comes the solution – an attachment for your phone that can hold up a tennis ball – this way, your phone and the ball become one. Instant attention grabbers. Your dog will not only look at the phone but look extremely interested!

10. Inverted Umbrella

Last but not least, the fantastic, innovative inverted umbrella. It closes inside-out to protect you from drops, so now you can stay dry and comfortable when walking into the building or car. With its C-shaped handle, it will never slip out from your hands.

The Bottom Line

Well, we can probably live without any of these, but why? They are great and innovative gadgets that suit our various needs. Sometimes they can be needed, like fake urine, and sometimes they are just fun (who doesn’t love to pretend to be a rock star in the shower?). Not everything in life must be serious. Imagination is the best weapon humanity possesses. 

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