2022 Summer Soccer Transfers That Turned Out Well

2022 Summer Soccer Transfers That Turned Out Well

One of the most exciting parts of the footballing world is transfers. Players making the switch to other clubs can have a massive impact on how a team performs and can completely change a season. This is why there is so much anticipation whenever the January or Summer transfer windows come around. Of course, there are a lot of transfers that don’t work out too well. Sometimes, players and clubs just don’t mix too well. Some recent examples of this could be Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea or Antoine Greizman to Barcelona. This isn’t always the case with transfers. There are always a few each year that will pay off. Some examples of these great transfers are listed below. 

Erling Haaland to Manchester City 

There was no denying that Erling Haaland had an abundance of talent prior to joining Manchester City. The Norwegian forward was scoring goals left, right, and center for Dortmund and Salzberg. It was this amazing form that had every team in the world interested in the striker. However, Manchester City managed to bag the 22-year-old. Although there was clear talent there, some football fans were still not convinced by Haaland. It can be hard for some players to adapt to the Premier League, and many people expected this from Erling Haaland. However, scoring 15 goals in 9 Premier League appearances shows that he is by no means a bad signing. He is one of the best additions to the Premier League ever, and there is no telling where his ceiling is. He may even find himself in contention for the Ballon D’or next year.
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Antony to Manchester United 

One of the most talked about transfers during the window was definitely Antony to Manchester United. There have been a lot of players making the move to Manchester United from the Eridevse thanks to the arrival of Erik Ten Haag. However, none of them cost as much as Antony. The Reds paid almost €100m for the Brazilian winger. Although the youngster had some obvious talent, this seemed like a large transfer fee for the player. However, he proved his doubters wrong. He got a very impressive goal in his first two Premier League games in each. So Antony has already started working hard to pay back his price tag. 

Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal 

There were not too many doubters when it came to Gabriel Jesus’ move from Manchester City to Arsenal. Jesus proved time and time again that he is truly an elite forward while he was playing at Manchester City. However, the arrival of Erling Haaland to City made sure there was not enough room for Jesus to shine. This meant that Jesus would turn his attention to Arsenal and move to London. Since signing, Jesus has looked very impressive and has been a key figure to Arsenal’s great start.


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