4 Proven Tactics to Improve Sales Team Productivity


You probably think your sales team is more productive than it actually is.

A recent study showed that a typical sales rep spends only 36% of their time selling. The rest is used for things like administrative work, travel, planning, and breaks.

This means that your team is not being as efficient as it can be, costing you unnecessary amounts of time and money.

How can you increase this number and maximize your sales team productivity? Keep reading to learn four proven tactics that you can implement today.

1. Implement a Shadowing Program

One of the best ways to increase your sales team’s motivation is by implementing a shadowing program that allows all of the departments to get on the same page.

Chances are, your customer service, marketing, and sales teams all have different priorities and goals. For instance, customer service tries to answer customers’ calls as quickly as possible, while sales have more extended conversations to convert them.

These are complete opposites, which means your teams are not on the same page and could be missing out on customer opportunities. To fix this, create a shadowing program to allow each department to see how the other works.

The marketing team can shadow a sales rep twice a month, and vice versa, along with the customer service team. This will open lines of communication and therefore increase each team’s productivity.

2. Create a Consistent Sales Process

While each of your sales reps might have their own way of doing things, creating a consistent sales process is the best way to get to efficiency for the whole company.

Analyze your existing sales process, and identify your best tactics and strategies. Observe your sales reps throughout the sale cycle to see what works and what doesn’t, and from there, create concrete steps that they can follow.

3. Automate Your Sales Process

As 25% of the average sales rep’s time is dedicated to administrative work, automating this process can save a lot of time, allowing them to dedicate more to actually selling.

Adopt automatic sales tracking tools, triggered e-mails, and CRMs to help with data entry and other administrative tasks. While the process of learning the various software will take a bit of time, it will end up saving your team countless hours in the end.

4. Execute an Effective Onboarding Process

If you have an effective onboarding process, you’re much more likely to increase your business revenues because your sales reps are highly productive from day one.

Onboarding and sales training should be taken seriously. Focus on educating them about the company and familiarizing them with the workplace, coworkers, and managers.

Provide them with the resources they need, helping them to develop job-specific skills quickly.

Increase Your Sales Team Productivity With These Tips

Use the tips above to increase your sales team productivity, and you’ll see more money coming in fast. Everyone’s time is valuable, so why not make the most from every minute?

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