4 Uses Of Fire Blankets

Uses Of Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are blankets made out of fire resistant material that is used for the purpose of extinguishing small fires in case of any occurrence in a home, school, office or outdoors. Fire blankets are an excellent resource to have on hand if your home, office or workplace is prone to catching a fire.

Even if a property isn’t prone, it is always better to be safe than sorry and hence owing at least one fire blanket is a necessary precaution for all institutions and households.

Fire blankets have multiple uses: they can be used as an extra layer of protection for fire extinguishers or firemen; they can also be used to cover yourself when exiting a burning building or room.

One great feature of a fire blanket is its ease of use, and its performance in smothering fire. A fire blanket is just as effective in face of fire as it is simple. One does not need much training to use a fire blanket either.

Whether the premises in question is a home, a school or an office – fire blankets should always be placed at a location in the premises that is easy to reach and accessible for everyone. They especially shouldn’t be placed in an area or room that is prone to catching fire.

Another important characteristic of a fire blanket is that they have an unlimited life and they do not need to be maintained regularly.

Listed below are five important uses of a fire blanket that make it a God-sent in case of a fire:

1. Fire blankets can be used in electrical fires

Electrical fires are typically happen due to the poor wiring of an outlet, cords that have seen better days or overheating in electrical cords. Electrical fires cannot be put out using water and hence an onlooker’s first logical reaction is to panic and run for their life. However, a fire blanket is pretty effective against an electrical fire and can help you navigate through a lit up room and towards the exit.

2. Fire blankets can be used when you clothes catch fire

When your property catches fire with you unfortunately inside it, chances are that you or your clothes may catch fire too while escaping or navigating your way through the smoke. In such cases, taking a fire blanket over you helps extinguish the flames as when a fire blanket covers something, it cuts off the oxygen supply between the object and the outside environment. Fire needs oxygen to continue burning and a lack of it makes the fire stop and protect you from any major burns.

3. Fire blankets can be used in industrial fires

In industries such as automotive and construction, the factories are more prone to catching a fire as they operate in pretty high temperatures. Fire can be cause by the spark that comes out of welding or a flame from a fireplace. Hence, fire blankets should be kept readily available in the industry or factory. The science behind a fire blanket working against an industrial fire too is that these blankets are made out of glass-fiber that is used to create a fabric. This is followed by a thick silicone rubber layer that further strengthens the blanket.

4. Fire blankets can be used in outdoor fires

Fire blankets can be used in outdoor fires too which typically begin as a result of overheating of a vehicle or outdoor grill. Given that the outdoors are an unlimited supply of oxygen, which helps the fire grow even further, fire blankets should be used in outdoor fired to cut off the oxygen supply and stop the fire from growing any more.

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