Do You Need a Car at College?

Need a Car at College

A personal car would give you all sorts of opportunities and fun as well. It’s fun to drive anywhere at any time; you can ride home for weekends, you can go to your friend’s or any place to eat. Before making a decision, you must think about it very carefully and precisely whether you want a car or you need it.

As being a college student, getting a car is a very important resource; it’s very useful if your college campus is far away from your home or somewhere where getting transport is quite difficult. Anything has its good things and bad things as well. Your personal car comes with pros and cons. Having a car gives you flexibility and accessibility. You must give this decision a careful and proper thought. You must be familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of having a car on the campus. Most importantly, the necessary question is, what are your reasons to have an auto, do you even need it or it’s just a desire?

This article will enlighten you with the possibilities of why you need a car and all the pros and cons of owning a vehicle at your campus. Check our list carefully and make your final decision. 



Now that your college life is settled and your weekends are here and you miss your family and friends at your hometown, then you have all the luxury and independence to go and meet with your family and friends, use your car at any time. It’s a great way of taking a break from your semester stress and just visiting your family on special holidays and events. Don’t let the stress catch you and have fun with your family.


Having a car saves a lot of time and money as well. It’s convenient and flexible. If you are planning on going on a short trip, visiting your hometown, or a small thing like going to a mart to get anything to eat, then you don’t have to catch a bus or train to go and get something. You wouldn’t want to hassle and find transport on an immediate basis; getting a car is a perfect reason for it. Also, to save your time to check some speedypaper reviews if needed.  


If you are someone who doesn’t like traveling with other people on buses or trains, and you don’t feel comfortable in making eye contact with other people, you don’t like meeting new people, and the forced conversations are not for you, then getting a car is quite a demand. You don’t have to hassle with the other people to get a ride on time. You don’t have to think about whether your music is too loud or if other people don’t like your music taste. You can travel alone while listening to your favorite music and not getting disturbed by other people.


If you are living far away from your college campus, then you would be aware of the fact that you have to travel along with other people, and you may have to switch buses and destination places. You may have to catch a bus at a fixed time and then reach another bus station at a fixed time. It’s pretty annoying and frustrating to waste your time traveling, waiting for rides. You have to wait according to the schedule, and you won’t be comfortable sitting for hours and waiting for your destination. Getting a car would be very beneficial for you.


It’s a luxury to go out and have fun in the city. You get short breaks between your stressful classes so if you have a car you can go out to eat because we all know college cafeterias are not really good. You can take someone out on a date in your car, and you won’t be needing any favors from your friends. If there’s an event near your campus or a concert across the town, then you can go out with your friends on the weekend and have fun in your car.


If you are a college student, then there are lots of chances that you are broke in the middle of the month, so traveling and transporting in busses can be very expensive. Getting a car would be reasonable in comparison to traveling in different busses or trains. You can go in your car too far away to get your groceries and other home items at a reasonable and cheap price. Having a car would probably cause you high maintenance and high cost as for parking expenses, but it would be reasonable for you.


Getting a car would open lots of opportunities in your career as well. Now you don’t have to worry about traveling to far places on trains or busses to reach your office. You can’t afford a delay, and you can’t rely on any other transportation. So having a car would make it easier and more convenient to travel and reach your office. Employers also prefer hiring applicants who own a car. Being more mobile, you’ll save a lot of time that can be devoted to doing something really significant and you won’t have to ask: “Can someone write my essay for me?”


If you have a car then finding a good parking spot won’t be very easy. Your college may not provide you the facility to park at the parking area of your campus. It would be reserved for faculty. You would be constantly worried about your car and car items. The college takes a high amount of parking expenses and won’t be responsible for your car as well.


Getting a car would mean your friends would be thinking of your car as their uber. You don’t want to seem rude or annoyed, so you won’t deny to give them a lift. This can be fun and a nice time with your friends, but if it’s not in your interests, then it would become very frustrating and agitating. Your second name would be a friend with a car.


Before getting a car and taking it to your campus, you must go through all its pros and cons and why you need a car because it may be only a desire of yours. This article would enlighten you all the possibilities and facts about getting a car. In the future, this would be very helpful.

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