4 Ways To Use LED Lighting


Would you believe that LED lighting saves up to 90% in energy costs compared to traditional lights?

Paying ten cents to the dollar on every Watt of energy that I use thanks to LED lighting, that’s the world we should want to live in.

While being used to thinking in Watts when it comes to traditional lights, you have to think in Lumens when dealing with LEDs.

It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck, or in this case, the most light for your loot!

Now you know that LEDs are that much better than conventional lighting; you also need to know just which type of LED goes where.

Types of LED Lights

LED light strips

The name is pretty self-explanatory; LED light strips are flat lengths of a plastic circuit-board material with LED lights at a certain distance apart.

These types of strips are suitable for many different applications, both inside and outside. LED strip lights are used for linear, low-profile lighting or when space is tight.

Places where you would find these LED light strips include under cabinets, in breakfast nooks and reading coves, staircases, bars, display cabinets, and on outdoor decks.

They can be trimmed to your preferred length, powered by a plug or battery, and color controlled and dimmed, making this an excellent, versatile choice for many lighting applications.

LED light bulbs

Yet another relatively straightforward concept.

LED light bulbs provide a low-energy, high luminescence alternative to outdated, expensive light bulbs.

They’re low heat, have an extended life span, and save energy.

They’re also exceptionally durable: where traditional glass and filament light bulbs were prone to blowing or breaking, LED light bulbs can take a knock and continue to function. Plus, they come in various tones and colors to simulate a variety of light conditions.

LED string lights

This is probably the one you are all familiar with; LED string lights, sometimes even called fairy lights, are LEDs on a string of conducting material, like wire.

In a variety of colors, tones and brightness, LED string lights have been a popular choice for lighting up gardens and Christmas trees for many years.

With the same energy-saving reliability and versatility, they’re an excellent choice.

Wall Washers

Finally, one of the favorite types of LED lights is the wall washer.

While other types of LEDs certainly serve their purpose, there is no more splendid sight than seeing the entire front of your home or business aglow in gorgeous light and color.

These bars of bright, beautiful LEDs can be placed anywhere at just about any angle and, for a fraction of the cost of a strobe or spotlight, create an effect ten times more magical.

The best place to shop for LED wall washers is online, but whichever style of LED you choose, just make sure it fits your intended purpose by referring to this article.

Light of the Party

Whichever style of LED you eventually decide on, just know that you’re making the right decision by choosing them over conventional lighting.

When you step back and proudly survey the gorgeous light washing over your home, garden, or business, you will see why we’re never going back to old-school lights.

So, make the right choice sooner rather than later and light up your life with LEDs.

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