Trending Fabrics for Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers

You might be shocked to learn that Americans are spending over $5,000 each month to keep their homes humming. While that number may seem high, the good news is that you can spend far less to transform the look of your space. With the right colors and patterns in mind, you can select pillow covers that will give your living space a facelift.

Read on to learn about trending fabric for pillow covers!

Keep Things Light with Linen

A natural flax linen pillow cover material is an ideal addition to any room. Choose a linen pillow cover in a zesty color like chartreuse or lemon to add a burst of sunshine to a neutral couch. For a rustic look, choose pillow covers with contrasting zigzag stitching along the edges.

While some people may think that linen is the best fabric for pillow covers, keep in mind that linen can wrinkle easily. You might want to do a light press with some steam to your linen throw pillow covers before company comes over.

Add Warmth with Wool

On a snowy winter day, nothing creates warmth quite like wool. And when you choose wool pillow cover fabric featuring plaid or bold Nordic motifs, you’ll create the perfect winter haven.

But you don’t always have to go bold when you choose wool. A boiled wool pillow cover in delicate gray can soften just about any room and complement modern furniture. Or a pair of chunky wool pillow covers can make you feel like you’re resting against a soft winter sweater.

Try Leather for a Luxurious Look

Did you just remodel your living room or bedroom? If you’re trying to class up your space, some touches of leather can get the job done. Toss some leather throw pillows in alongside leather trays for a look that can lean toward luxury or western-inspired style.

After you’ve painted the walls white and upgraded your accent chairs, introduce some leather throw pillow covers. Against a backdrop of denim-colored upholstery, warm brown leather will look sumptuous. For a monochromatic look, place a pillow cover in deep brown distressed leather on a camel-colored leather sofa.

Consider Cotton as a Quality Choice

You may associate cotton with t-shirts and casual wear. But when you choose cotton from, you can introduce a unique and luxurious feel. Bold patterns that have been handprinted on the fabric will enhance any living room. And botanical print cushions add a life to your living room.

Get ribbed cotton pillows for a touch of texture. Or for rooms where you have wallpaper and patterned throw rugs, keep things simple with some throw pillow covers in basic bold colors.

Find the Right Fabric for Pillow Covers

When it comes to choosing fabric for pillow covers, there’s no wrong choice. Consider the weight and texture of upholstery, throw blankets, and furniture in your room. Choose cotton or linen for a lighter ambiance, but turn to wool and leather for a little more weight.

Get more home decorating tips when you need them. Check back soon for the latest articles!

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