5 Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Tattoo Artist


Did you know that 3 in 10 Americans have tattoos today?

As the market for body art grows, so do the opportunities for tattoo artists. If you are creative, personable, and ambitious, the benefits of being a tattoo artist could suit you down to the ground.

Becoming a tattoo artist lets you into an emerging market and helps you to expand your artistic skills. Get licensed, and watch your portfolio and confidence grow as you work on a human canvas.

Read on for the top five benefits of becoming a licensed tattoo artist.

1. Artistic Expression

One of the main benefits of becoming a tattoo artist is artistic expression. As an artist, there is nothing more rewarding than leaving your mark.

What better way to do so than working on human canvasses? Immortalize your creative vision and make someone’s dream a reality by giving them a tattoo to remember.

Watch your professional style and confidence grow from piece to piece throughout your tattoo artist career.

2. Learn a Craft

A career as a tattoo artist will teach you a valuable and transferable craft.

From illustration to fine art, the skills you learn as a tattoo artist have countless applications. Build your portfolio and gain a lifetime skill at the studio.

There are excellent opportunities for aspiring artists, too. Check out floridatattooacademy.com for apprenticeship options and more.

3. Be Your Own Boss

When you learn a craft, you unlock the possibility of self-employment.

Whether you begin your career as an apprentice or employee, you will be building a portfolio of work to set you up for the future.

Running your own business is rewarding and liberating. You have the freedom to set your working hours, make your own decisions, and build meaningful relationships with your clients.

4. Access a Growing Market

One of the best aspects of the tattoo industry is its emerging nature.

Tattoos are more popular and mainstream than ever before. What was once a fringe community has become a wildly popular interest for the American public.

Fueled by inked celebrities and an increasingly body-positive culture, more and more people are choosing to get the look they want.

As a tattoo artist, you will be there to provide it.

5. Earn Respect

As you watch your tattooing career flourish, you will begin to realize the sense of community amongst body artists.

A career as a tattoo artist will see you earn the respect of fellow artists. After all, people will be wearing your work with pride.

You should consider attending events for tattoo artists to meet other like-minded individuals.

Licensed Tattoo Artist: Your New Career

So, those are the top five benefits of becoming a licensed tattoo artist.

If you are wondering how to become a tattoo artist, our helpful guide should point you in the right direction. Let your artistic skill shine through as you learn a valuable lifetime craft.

So what’s stopping you? Let your artwork change someone’s life today.

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