5 Characteristics of a Successful Voice Actor

Voice Actor

The characteristics of a successful voice actor are broadly expanding with the growing industry. Initially, voice actors worked for commercials, dramedies, and cartoons. Now, however, technology is expanding in every sector increasing the need for voice actors.

Today, voice-over artists record voice for video games, virtual reality, and animated shows as well. To succeed in the voice-over industry, a successful voice actor should have confidence, adaptability, and persistence. Here are five characteristics of a successful voice actor in the voice-over industry:

1. Confidence

A voice-over actor should be confident with their skills and have the ability to put clients at ease. It requires training and efforts to fake confidence. But, when a voice-over actor has a clear state of mind, they develop genuine confidence.

A successful voice actor trains their brain to indulge in the character to perform better. They learn to turn on their confidence when needed, so their performance is consistent in every recording session. Furthermore, they take negative feedback as a learning opportunity.

Voice-over actors don’t sell a tangible product, they perform voiceovers for different characters. Therefore, they should have confidence in their voice and talent. Although confidence is important for everyone, it is a necessity for a voice actor.

2. A Sense of Play

When a successful voice actor enters the recording booth, they should totally forget their personality and adopt the character. Whether they are dealing with sorrow or pain, they have to show enthusiasm if they are voice-overing for an energetic character.

Voice-over recording is a tough job and requires the ability to switch off the outside world. If a voice-over actor has this ability, they can succeed in the industry. Even the driest commercial or corporate recording requires imagination and play.

Voice actors should know how to express their emotions with words and give life to the character. A voice over artist should have a mental button that they can press before entering inside the recording booth


3. Work Ethics

A successful voice artist should maintain a work ethic to differentiate between their work and personal life. Even if a voice over actor works hard, they won’t succeed if they are unable to manage their business affairs. They have to build skills and portray them as a brand.

Also, they should have a positive attitude in their professional life. Even if they have a miserable day, they should stay focused while auditioning or recording for a job. Sometimes, the casting team might reject them, but they shouldn’t lose hope and quickly move on.

4. Resilience

Flexibility and drive are important in every profession, especially in the voice over industry. A successful voice over should learn from failures and focus on growing reputation in the industry. They should focus on their goals and tackle any challenges that act as a hurdle. A voice over artist should set the eyes on goals and learn from mistakes. The journey could be tough but they should stick to their goals.

5. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is highly important in voice over the profession. But, many artists lose their energy and motivation after a while. That is the bad news for their career. They should renew their energy and solve their disappointment and setback. Otherwise, they won’t be able to survive in the industry for long. When a voice over artist is unenthusiastic, they can’t perform their job well.


Becoming a successful voice over artist is not as simple as it seems. They should have personal and professional characteristics such as adaptability, professionalism, and enthusiasm. So, if you are a casting director who wants to hire a successful voice actor, you should look for the above-mentioned characteristics.

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