5 Common Beginner Paintball Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Did you know that the history of paintballing dates back to the 1970s? It’s true! Two friends wanted to have an old-fashioned duel so they used paint pellets instead of ammunition.

Today, it’s a super popular and fun game you can play with your friends. But if you’ve never played paintball before, there are some common beginner paintball mistakes you might make.

The good news is, once you know what they are, you’ll be able to avoid them! Keep reading to educate yourself before your first paintball battle.

1. Not Knowing the Rules of Paintball

Paintballing is where you run around a field and shoot other people with paint, right? Wrong! There is so much more to learn about how to play paintball.

Some paintball games have a “capture the flag” objective. But others have an “eliminate the other team” objective. It’s important to know this before you strap on a paintball gun.

There is often a dead zone for eliminated players. And, if another player shoots you, you need to walk to this zone with your arms raised.

2. Not Having the Right Paintballing Gear

When you first start paintballing, you will hire gear from the paintball center. But once you take it up as a hobby, you should invest in your own. You’ll feel more comfortable and will be able to buy a better paintball gun.

Because there are many types of paintball guns! There are electric sear trippers, pneumatic poppet valves, and spool valve types.

3. Not Practicing Paintball Enough

One of the most common beginner paintball mistakes is not practicing paintballing enough. If you only go paintballing with friends every few months, you will never improve your skills.

Invest in a target so you can practice shooting. Most paintballing centers run special offers from time to time so check them out to score cheap prices.

4. Failing To Use Any Paintball Strategies

Creating paintball strategies is essential to winning. Teams who forget to strategize are much more likely to lose.

Never move without a safe place to go to. Work in pairs within your team so you always have someone to cover you when you move.

5. Being Afraid of Getting Hit

If you’ve never experienced a paintball hit before, then the fear is understandable. You don’t know if or how much it will hurt.

But that doesn’t mean you should hide behind a bush for the entire game. That’s not fun either! Remember that as long as you are wearing safety gear, the worst you will get is a small bruise.

Avoid These Common Beginner Paintball Mistakes

Paintballing is an enjoyable social activity that will help you blow off steam and increase your survival skills. Now you know what common beginner paintball mistakes to avoid, you will be able to improve much faster.

Paintball is also an active hobby and players need to have a good level of physical fitness to play well. Browse our health articles for tips on how to improve your diet and exercise routine to improve your paintball skills!

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