5 Crucial Boxes to Check Before Signing A SEO Company Contract

Signing A SEO Company Contract

People make the mistake of underestimating what it takes to create quality SEO. Optimizing a website and making an online business thrive takes an incredible amount of skill and experience. If you have found that your online business is not performing as you have wanted, it might be time to consult an SEO agency like Aidan SEO NYC.

SEO agencies come a dime a dozen so, finding one is easy but choosing the right one with the right people is the key that will ensure that your business will boom. Weeding out the agencies that will not help your business grow can get tricky when agencies present themselves in ways that they cannot deliver. Luckily, we have provided you with a nifty guide to lead you in the right direction.


SEO agencies run on meeting the specific needs of the business. Finding the right agency that specializes in what your business needs can ensure success. eCommerce SEO specialties often include email marketing, social media marketing, audio production, video production, and desktop and mobile site development.


On your quest to find the right SEO agency be sure to ask for references. References are a surefire way to make sure you are getting everything you need from an agency. Check out these references and make sure that they are legitimate. If a company refuses to give you any, take this as a red flag and move on to an agency that is more upfront.

Rating and Reviews

Rating and reviews are essential when it comes to a business. While it is impossible to please everyone, a rating or review can give an insight into the business. Seek out reviews from multiple sources including, the company`s website. Comb through these reviews and try not to judge too harshly. Pick up on reoccurring comments and information to make a sound decision.

Cost and Contracts

Nothing in this world is free! The help of an SEO expert is no exception. A Quality SEO agency that will not break your budget is not hard to find. However, that does not mean you have to sell yourself short or be stuck with an unsatisfactory product. Research and compare agencies thoroughly and avoid agencies that promise quality content with unheard of prices but do not mislead into overpaying.

The Team

In the end, it all boils down to the team. Vetting an SEO agency’s team is without a doubt a smart move. After all, you are trusting them with the future of your business. When considering an agency, the entire team’s work ethic and passion should be to your standard, and everyone involved should be committed to the success of your business.


Navigating the vast sea of SEO agencies might seem overwhelming hopefully, the tips provided can guide you in the right direction and make the journey easier. Picking an agency that is perfect for your business is possible. Keep these tips in mind, take your time and be confident that the right agency for your business is within reach.

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