5 Examples of Lobbying That Affect Every Day Citizens


Have you ever wondered what effects lobbyists have on your life? Are you curious to find out if they affect you and your family?

Lobbying is convincing public and private sector institutions to consider your point of view on a matter. While all lobbying has affected the world, some of the most notable effects are on individuals.

Everyday citizens can gain a better understanding of how politics affects their daily life. By learning the lobbying examples that are most relevant to them.

Read on for a full breakdown of the effects lobbying has on society.

1. Grassroots Lobbying

It is a type of lobbying that is normally done by individuals and groups who are not paid to do it. They lobby on behalf of the causes or issues they care about. And, are willing to put in the time and effort to make their voices heard.

One significant example is the civil rights movement of the 1960s. African Americans and other people of color organized protests, marches, and sit-ins to protest segregation and discrimination. If you work in a government, you may check stan lockhart for some consulting, public affairs, and other lobbying examples.

2. Pharmaceutical Lobby

This lobby is also responsible for the advertising and marketing of drugs, which can have a big impact on public opinion. For example, specific legislation may work to ensure that insurance covers a particular drug, or that it is available in a particular state.

3. Food Lobby

An example of lobbying that affects everyday citizens is charity events in food lobbies. They hold these events to raise money for a specific cause, and they often involve food donations. However, sometimes these events can have a negative impact on the people who attend them.

4. Oil Lobby

They lobby for things like tax breaks for the oil industry, less regulation of the industry, and more drilling and exploration. Open meetings keep the public unaware of the environmental and health risks of oil production and consumption. All this lobbying has a major impact on the everyday lives of citizens.

It can cause higher gas prices, more pollution, and more risk of oil spills and other accidents. 

5. Tobacco Industry

The industry spends millions of dollars each year to lobby Congress and state legislatures to influence laws and regulations about tobacco products. Pursuing laws, the tobacco industry lobbies against laws that would make it harder for people to buy tobacco products, such as increased taxes on cigarettes.

Learn More About Lobbying Examples

It is important to be aware of the various ways of lobbying examples. As it can influence everything from the food we eat, the oil industry, and the environmental laws, to the laws we follow in tobacco. Direct lobbying goals may be in line with the public good, but in other cases, they may be harmful to the general population.

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