5 Features All the Best Real Estate Websites Have in Common

5 Features All the Best Real Estate Websites Have in Common

Are you launching a real estate website but don’t know where to start? Website design is essential if you want to attract customers and rank high on search result pages.

With so many free website builders and themes, it’s easy to create a basic website. But to target the right buyers, you need to pay attention to the design, user experience, and content quality.

Wondering what all the best real estate websites have in common? Read on to find out!

1. They Use Multiple Listing Services

Real estate websites that use multiple listing services are way ahead of their competitors. For example, if you’re in Georgia and want to use gamls, you can integrate them on your website so you can find listings faster.

With MLS, you can search through a large database of properties and even earn extra commission for each referral or sale.

2. They’re Mobile-Friendly

A modern and accessible real estate website design must be mobile-friendly and compatible with all devices. This is because most people will browse websites on their smartphones first.

You need to make a good impression and offer a great user experience on all devices if you want to keep buyers interested.

3. They Have Contact Information

Whether you’re a new real estate agent or an experienced broker, you need to list your contact information on your website.

It needs to be in the footer of your website, as well as on a separate Contact page where users can send messages using a contact form. Also, list your email, physical address, fax number, and all active phone numbers.

4. They Have Quality Photos and Videos

All top real estate websites have high-quality photos and videos of their listings. Photos taken by smartphones or the homeowners should not be listed; only photos taken by professional photographers.

Optimize photos for search engines as well and make sure they’re not too big for the website. This can lead to slow-loading websites, which can cause users to exit right away and search engines to rank the website lower.

5. They Have a Blog

Having a blog on your website where you post useful articles is a must if you want to attract customers. Your blog posts should be relevant and helpful to the reader and offer actionable tips.

Articles that focus on your company rather than the customer don’t do very well. This is because people are looking for advice and tips rather than company achievements.

Use relevant images on your blog posts, as well as links to other blog posts or website pages. The longer users stay on your website, the more likely they are to take action or contact you for more details.

The Best Real Estate Websites

Now that you know what all the best real estate websites have in common, you can do tweaks and updates to help you attract more customers.

Need more web design tips and tricks? Find more useful articles on this topic over on our website and come back often to discover more industry news and trends.

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