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The Webagentur Mars Rouge is a high quality web design company, able to offer answers to customers who want to make their companies visible; and give them a boost through effective communication and advertising and intelligent and deeply professional marketing.

Thanks to the experience demonstrated in each project executed, this web design company is the best rated in Basel. The high quality result in the development of their strategies speaks for themselves.

Mars Rouge is the ideal choice for those businesses that seek the highest quality in the development of communication campaigns to position their brand; with an excellent creative direction, which will make your ideas a sure success.

Why choose the Webagentur Mars Rouge?

The Webgentur Mars Rouge is an agency founded by the SEO consultant Julien Di Giusto and designed for ambitious people who settle for only the best of the best.

It is the best communications agency in Basel, which, thanks to the reputation it has built up since its creation in 2012 by Julien Di Giusto, has broken through the borders from Switzerland and extended its area of action to other countries such as France.

Mars Rouge from Mulhouse : top rated Basel web design company

This agency specializes in visual communication and web design. Also, Mars Rounge serves as a powerful marketing and advertising agency; which has a highly qualified staff in all areas of action, to offer advice that are necessary to establish the best strategy for your business.

What has distinguished Mars Rouge from other communications and advertising agencies, is the wide range of options available in customer welfare. This agency encompasses in one place the different disciplines of communication and advertising. As soon as you put your project in their hands, you will realize that you will not need to go anywhere else; since Mars Rouge has everything your business could need.

Mars Rouge has rightly defined itself as a multi-faceted communication agency as its range of action is quite wide and effective. This agency will be able to help you create the visual identity of your company, without limitations since it will not just create a website for you and then disappear.

Mars rouge’s management provides advice on content management, defining the best tools to suit your requirements for the development of a successful campaign; and also performs public relations functions by executing recognized press relations campaigns, for which they have even won important awards.

Mars Rouge from Mulhouse : top rated Basel web design company

How can Mars Rouge help you in Basel?

Whether your company is just taking its first steps or already has an established position in the market, Webagentur Mars Rouge will always be the first choice throughout Basel.

If you are ambitious and want to generate the best results for your company; you will undoubtedly seek the advice and help of the best in the area of communication, publishing and public relations: Mars Rouge.

The results that have remained as a reference in its more than 400 projects of the great creativity, responsibility and professional mystique of this communication and advertising agency, are its best references.

Mars Rouge can provide you with quality advice and support for the creation of your business website. You will feel a real support from the whole team because they will always be open to listen to your ideas, promoting them with the best strategies.

Mars Rouge can also help you in the development of a content marketing adapted to the requirements of your business; to position the name of your company on the web through search engine optimization, and even are trained to develop if requested a mobile response design for your business. However, that’s not all.


This solid advertising and digital communication agency based in Neuchâtel, and with a presence in Mulhouse, France; has perfectly combined the implementation of a detailed strategic plan at the service of design with the support of technology to offer its clients maximum results with added value. Each experience has been unique, but with a common factor: the growth of their business.

Mars Rouge will guarantee the best results for your company. Whether you need a logo, e-commerce development, website design or require a digital marketing and strategy service. The agency also offers branding services, for the development of the brand strategy focused on your corporate identity.

Mars Rouge an all-terrain agency

If you are looking for a creative agency, able to help you create your business identity in a smart way, with a unique and lively website to capture people’s attention, Mars Rouge is the place for you.

This agency is made up of professionals who are passionate about graphic and digital design. The feature that distinguishes each of their works is the innovation achieved on each experience.

Do you need anything else? SEO consulting perhaps? Mars Rouge offers it.

If you want to go further in linking your company with creative and original content that will help you create that special space where your clients can effectively reach; Mars Rouge offers you audiovisual services.

In Mars Rouge you will feel among friends. The work process, although perfectionist, is quite flexible. As soon as you contact the agency you will start a 360 degree brainstorming process, in order to offer a quality creative report, always adjusted to the client’s specifications.

Models are included in the creation of the project, in order to offer you a general assessment. All the points that may arise are taken into account, and we work to cover every detail in detail. Only when the whole process has been validated by the client do we proceed to make the functional delivery of the project.

Web Experiences: Sodico Immobilier

The validation of Mars Rouge as a creative agency with a wide professional spectrum has been reflected in the excellent experiences obtained with the Sodico Immobilier, who requested support to achieve strategies to improve the visual identity of the business and the relations with the audiovisual press.

Today, the Mars Rouge agency is the agency of this firm located in the center of Mulhouse, near Basel. It is in charge of managing all its communication: web, print and press relations. Creating original audiovisual material designed to increase your visibility.

What did they do to achieve success?

  • The Mars Rouge creative proposed a three-pronged plan that stipulated
  • The creation of a website
  • With a high network presence newsletter and an online booking module.
  • The production of audiovisual material
  • A professional quality video in various formats available in various formats to be appreciated with the greatest comfort from any type of device.
  • Press Relations

Internet Experiences: École Supérieure de Praxis Sociale

This special work done for the École Supérieure de Praxis Social, earned the Mars Rouge agency special recognition by winning third place in the National Communication Trophies gala.

Regarding the development of this website, it was highlighted how adaptable and responsive their browsing experience is, classified as comfortable, friendly and with excellent functionality for different media including: computer monitors, tablets, TV, mobile devices, among others.

The website of this Equestrian Society was created and developed entirely by the communication agency Mars Rouge; as well as the refreshing of its logo, after 20 years of service.

Working with the Mars Rouge people is a guarantee of effective results for any communication, design and marketing assignment for your company. If you still have doubts about the area in which this agency could help you, we present you a list:

  • Consulting and strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Logo creation
  • Creative Direction
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • E-commerce
  • Social networking site
  • Web Design
  • Corporate cinema
  • Press Relations
  • Design of movements
  • SEO positioning

Success is not only the result of individual efforts, in this path the advice of trained people, passionate about what they do, creative, proactive and responsible plays a key role.

In this sense, you will not find a better partner than Mars Rouge. The independent advertising, and communication agency that has all the tools to offer its clientele a unique creative experience that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Commitment is a serious matter; Mars Rouge takes on every project with total commitment. For Mars Rouge the most important thing is customer satisfaction, measured in tangible results always aimed at success.

The Mars Rouge agency offers a pleasant and creative environment, in which, despite the intensity of work. Everyone can always feel as good as family.

Why is the Webagentur Mars Rouge agency the most valued advertising and communication agency in Basel?

Because at Webagentur Mars Rouge every project is as important as it is unique and therefore all efforts will always be directed towards achieving perfection and maximum results for the clients.

Webagentur Basel

Mars Rouge is the best web agency to which to entrust your advertising and communication projects. The success is the signature of Mars Rouge, certified not only by the results obtained by the clients that are the own success of the agency; but by the recognition of important institutions that recognize the contributions of the works of communication at even academic level.

Throughout 8 years of operation, Mars Rouge has been awarded in several opportunities for important prizes that leave high its name as an advertising and communication agency and its great capacity to build quality websites with excellent results.

Mars Rouge guarantees positive and effective results for each area of your business. You will get top quality in your web pages, logos, e-commerce development, digital marketing strategy, content marketing, among others. Mars Rouge operates actively in Switzerland and France.

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