5 Technology-Advanced Swiss Watches in The Market

5 Technology-Advanced Swiss Watches In The Market 1

Practicality and style have continuously been essential elements of Swiss design. In the cosmos of timepiece and jewelry, Swiss inventions have frequently served as status figures for the wealthy and fashion-conscious.

Although Swiss timepieces have been respected as a luxurious fashion symbol, many famous brands like Top class makers are attempting their game at the modernized revolution and getting engaged with watches from a more tech-savvy outlook.

Since technology-advance watches have turned to be more than just devices to many individuals, and admittedly embody fashion statements, it only makes sense that smartwatches from Switzerland would satisfy those in the exploration of a practical, yet fashionable gadget.

If you are searching for something more sophisticated than your mediocre Samsung or Apple smartwatches, you’ve arrived at the perfect place. Here are five of the best Swiss smartwatches in the market today.

Hublot Big Bang Referee

Hublot‘s offering to the smartwatch empire is truly a must-have for all the football fans out there. The Big Bang Referee FIFA World Cup Russia by Hublot will immediately connect you to all competitions in the FIFA World Cup. Meaning, you would not miss a single moment of the craze and excitement. With a bezel goal-line technology and titanium case, this smartwatch is one of the more fashionable (and costly) options out there.

TAG Heuer Modular 45

A grand name in Swiss timepiece design, the TAG Heuer Modular 45, is everyone’s (especially watch lovers) romance. As the first-ever luxury Swiss label that advanced on smartwatches, it operates on Wear OS. It flaunts an excellent series of features that make it a deserving competitor in the smartwatch production.

For those who desire the luxury of a smartwatch mixed with the stunning fashion of Swiss design – the TAG Heuer Modular 45 is the ideal partner to spruce up your mediocre outfit and vibrant lifestyle.

Montblanc Summit 2

The Summit 2 smartwatch by Montblanc is one of the most luxurious looking timepieces in the market today. Although it seems like a typical Swiss-made wristwatch, this 42mm smartwatch places itself exclusively with what’s beneath the hood.

The face is created with a sturdy scratch-resistant sapphire quartz crystal. The case back is secured with a mixture of fiberglass and glass resin, and the crown of the watch is a stainless steel case.

Movado Connect Digital Smart Module Stainless Steel

Swiss brand Movado has been rather strong with its Connect smartwatch. Instead of adhering to the old analog styling noticed on several Swiss timepieces, they aim to flip the script entirely and turn the Connect as one of the most futuristic-looking and technologically advanced smartwatches offered in the market.

Movado has forced the boat to provide this smartwatch a respectable array of features. An extensive assortment of sensors on the extraordinary device comprises a gyroscope, a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, GPS, NFC, a haptic engine, and an ambient light sensor.

Breitling Exospace B55

This deluxe smartwatch from Breitling is extraordinarily expensive but is one of the crowd’s favorite Swiss-made timepieces. Initially intended for sailors and pilots, this smartwatch boasts an automatic dial with two discrete digital displays that act independently.

The analog hands reveal the time like a regular timepiece, while you can use the two LCDs for many purposes, like calendars, battery level, and stopwatch – just to name a few.


Any horology elitist will admit that an awkward screen of a smartwatch stumblingly fastened to a strap doesn’t make a fashionable statement. It is a good thing, then, that Swiss brands are ultimately rising and venturing to enhance the definition of what timepieces should be.

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